HC Deb 27 March 1933 vol 276 cc671-2
28. Brigadier - General CLIFTON BROWN

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether he will refuse to approve any scheme for organisation of the milk market which fails to implement the earn-mission's recommendations on accredited herds, grades, and quality, as set out in chapter X of their Milk Reorganisation report?


Several of the recomnendations to which my hon. and gallant Friend refers lie outside the province of the Board which would have to administer a milk marketing scheme, and would have to be secured by negotiations among the interests concerned. I regret, therefore, that I am not in a, position to give the assurance desired by my hon. and gallant Friend.

Brigadier-General BROWN

Does not my right hon. and gallant Friend think that it is of vital importance that any scheme under this Act should reassure the public as to the quality of the milk being sold, and, if he is not entitled to put it into the scheme, cannot he make arrangements to see that the recommendations are carried out in any scheme which is put before him?


Some of those things can be secured by negotiations, say, with the local authorities, such as the routine inspection of dairy herds. These recommendations are of the highest importance, but I do not think that the Milk Board is the proper body to put them into force.

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