HC Deb 16 March 1933 vol 275 cc2144-7

May I ask the Lord President of the Council what will be the business for next week; and also, as there have been some statements in the Press as to the date of the Budget, is it possible for the right hon. Gentleman to tell us the date on which the Budget will be opened?


Yes, Sir; my right hon. Friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer will open his Budget on Tuesday, the 25th April. The business for next week will be as follows:

Monday: Conclusion of the Second Reading Debate on the Agricultural Marketing Bill, and Committee stage of the necessary Financial Resolution; consideration of Motions to approve the Additional Import Duties (No. 1) Order, 1933, and the Scottish Raspberries Marketing Scheme. The House will recollect that Monday's business was the subject of agreement through the usual channels. It is hoped to take the Division on the Second Reading of the Agricultural Marketing Bill at about ten o'clock, in order to get through the remaining business without sitting unduly late.

Tuesday: Third Allotted Supply Day—Report stage of the Army, Air and Navy Estimates.

With regard to Wednesday, the House will realise that Government business can now be taken on Wednesdays, yesterday having been the last day appropriated to private Members' Motions. Next Wednesday, the Second Reading of the Consolidated Fund Bill will be taken, and the question of unemployment will be debated.

Thursday: Remaining stages of the Consolidated Fund Bill. It has not yet been decided what subject will be debated.

Friday: Private Members' Bills.

On any day, if there is time, other Orders will be taken.


We have given the Patronage Secretary notice that on Thursday, if possible, we hope that the Foreign Secretary or the Prime Minister will make a full statement on the international situation, with special reference to all the questions which they have been discussing at Geneva and elsewhere, and I take it, also, in connection with the Sino-Japanese dispute.


I am quite as anxious as the right hon. Gentleman, or my right hon. Friend the Member for Epping (Mr. Churchill), that there should be such a Debate at the earliest moment. I cannot yet say whether those Ministers will be back, but I purpose communicating immediately with them, if possible, to see if they can return in time for Thursday's Debate.

Motion made, and Question put, That the Proceedings on Government Business be exempted, at this day's Sitting, from the provisions of the Standing Order (Sittings of the House)."—[Mr. Baldwin.]

The House divided: Ayes, 284; Noes, 31.

Division No. 84.] AYES. [3.49 p.m.
Adams, Samuel Vyvyan T. (Leeds, W.) Campbell-Johnston, Malcolm Elliot, Major Rt. Hon. Walter E.
Agnew, Lieut.-Com. P. G. Caporn, Arthur Cecil Eimley, Viscount
Albery, Irving James Carver, Major William H. Emmott, Charles E. G. C.
Allen, William (Stoke-on-Trent) Castlereagh, Viscount Emrys-Evans, P. V.
Applin, Lieut. Col. Reginald V. K. Cautley, Sir Henry S. Erskine, Lord (Weston-super-Mare)
Askea, Sir Robert William Cazalet, Thelma (Islington, E.) Essenhigh, Reginald Clare
Atholl, Duchess of Chamberlain, Rt. Hon. N. (Edgbaston) Everard, W. Lindsay
Baillie, Sir Adrian W. M. Chapman, Sir Samuel (Edinburgh, S.) Falle Sir Bertram G.
Baldwin, Rt. Hon. Stanley Christle, James Archibald Fermoy, Lord
Balniel, Lord Churchill, Rt. Hon. Winston Spencer Fleming, Edward Lascelles
Banks, Sir Reginald Mitchell Clarke, Frank Flint, Abraham John
Beauchamp, Sir Brograve Campbell Colfox, Major William Philip Fox, Sir Glfford
Beaumont, Hon. R.E.B. (Portsm'th.C.) Colman, N. C. D. Fremantle, Sir Francis
Belt, Sir Alfred L. Colville, Lieut.-Colonel J. Fuller, Captain A. G.
Benn, Sir Arthur Shirley Conant, R. J, E. Ganzonl, Sir John
Bennett, Capt. Sir Ernest Nathaniel Cook, Thomas A. Gault, Lieut.-Col. A. Hamilton
Bernays, Robert Cooke, Douglas Gilmour, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon, Sir John
Betterton, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry B. Cooper, A. Duff Glossop, C. W. H.
Borodale, Viscount Copeland, Ida Gluckstein, Louis Halle
Bossom, A. C. Craddock, Sir Reginald Henry Goff, Sir Park
Boulton, W. W. Croft, Brigadier-General Sir H. Goldle, Noel B.
Bower, Lieut.-Com. Robert Tatton Crooke. J. Smedley Goodman, Colonel Albert W.
Bowyer, Capt. Sir George E. W, Crookshank. Col. C. de Windt (Bootle) Graham, Sir F. Fergus (C'mb'rl'd, N.)
Boyce, H. Leslle Crookshank, Capt. H. C. (Galnsb'ro) Granville, Edgar
Boyd-Carpenter, Sir Archibald Cross, R. H. Grattan-Doyle, Sir Nicholas
Briscoe, Capt. Richard George Cruddas, Lieut.-Colonel Bernard Gretton, Colonel Rt. Hon. John
Broadbent, Colonel John Culverwell, Cyril Tom Grlmston, R. V.
Brocklebank, C. E. R. Davies, MaJ.Geo. F. (Somerset,Yeovil) Guinness, Thomas L. E. B.
Brown, Ernest (Leith) Davison, Sir William Henry Guy, J. C. Morrison
Brown, Brig.-Gen.H.C.(Berks.,Newb'y) Denman, Hon. R. D. Hacking, Rt. Hon. Douglas H.
Buchan-Hepburn, P. G. T. Dickie, John P. Hall, Capt. W. D'Arcy (Brecon)
Burgin. Dr. Edward Leslie Donner, P. W. Hamilton, Sir George (llford)
Burnett, John George Dugdale, Captain Thomas Lionel Hamilton, Sir R. W.(Orkney & Zetl'nd)
Butler, Richard Austen Duggan, Hubert John Hammersley, Samuel S.
Cadogan, Hon. Edward Duncan, James A. L. (Kensington, N.) Hanbury, Cecil
Calne, G. R. Hall- Dunglass, Lord Hanley, Dennis A.
Campbell, Edward Taswell (Bromley) Eady, George H. Harbord, Arthur
Campbell, Vice-Admiral G. (Burnley) Edmondson, Major A, J. Harris, Sir Percy
Hartland, George A. Maltland, Adam Shute, Colonel J. J.
Harvey, Major S. E. (Devon, Totnes) Mander, Geoffrey le M. Smiles, Lieut.-Col. Sir Walter D.
Haslam, Henry (Horncastle) Margesson, Capt. Rt. Hon. H. D. R. Smith, Braceweil (Dulwich)
Headlam, Lieut.-Col. Cuthbert M. Marsden, Commander Arthur Smith, Sir Jonah W. (Barrow-le-F.)
Hellgers, Captain F. F. A. Martin, Thomas B. Smith-Carington, Neville W.
Henderson, Sir Vivian L. (Chelmsford) Mayhew, Lieut.-Colonel John Smithers, Waldron
Heneage, Lieut-Colonel Arthur P. Mills, Sir Frederick (Leyton, E.) Somerville, Annesley A. (Windsor)
Herbert, Capt. S. (Abbey Division) Mitchell, Harold P.(Br'trd & Chisw'k) Sotheron-Estcourt, Captain T. E.
Hore-Belisha, Leslie Molson, A. Hugh Elsdale Southby, Commander Archibald R. J.
Hornby, Frank Monsell, Rt. Hon. Sir B. Eyres Spencer, Captain Richard A.
Home, Rt. Hon. Sir Robert S. Muirhead, Major A. J. Spender-Clay, Rt. Hon. Herbert H.
Horsbrugh, Florence Nation, Brigadier-General J. J. H. Stanley, Lord (Lancaster, Fylde)
Howard, Tom Forrest Nicholson, Godfrey (Morpeth) Stanley Hon. O. F. G. (Westmorland)
Hewitt, Dr. Alfred B. Nicholson, Rt. Hn. W. G. (Petert'fld) Stewart, J. H. (Fife, E.)
Hudson, Capt. A. U. M. (Hackney, N.) Normand, Wilfrid Guild Stones, James
Hume, Sir George Hopwood North, Captain Edward T. Storey, Samuel
Hunter, Dr. Joseph (Dumfries) Nunn, William Strauss, Edward A.
Hunter, Capt. M. J. (Brigg) O'Connor, Terence James Strickland, Captain W. F.
Hurd, Sir Percy Oman, Sir Charles William C. Sueter, Rear-Admiral Murray F.
Hunt, Sir Gerald B. Ormsby-Gore, Rt. Hon. William G. A. Sutcliffe, Harold
James, Wing-Com. A. W. H. Palmer, Francis Noel Tate, Mavis Constance
Jamleson, Douglas Patrick, Colin M. Thomas, Rt. Hon. J. H. (Derby)
Janner, Barnett Peake, Captain Osbert Thomas, James P. L. (Hereford)
Johnstone, Harcourt (S. Shields) Pearson, William G. Thompson, Luke
Jones, Lewis (Swansea, West) Perkins, Walter R. D. Titchfield, Major the Marquess of
Ker, J. Campbell Peters, Dr. Sidney John Todd, Capt. A. J. K. (B'wick-on-T.)
Kerr, Lieut.-Col. Charles (Montrose) Petherick, M. Todd, A. L. S. (Kingswinford)
Kerr, Hamilton W. Peto, Geoffrey K. (W'verh'pt'n, Bllst'n) Touche, Gordon Cosmo
Kirkpatrick, William M. Pownall, Sir Assheton Tryon, Rt. Hon. George Clement
Knight, Holford Ralkes, Henry V. A. M. Turton, Robert Hugh
Knox, Sir Altred Ramsay, Capt. A. H. M. (Midlothian) Vaughan-Morgan, Sir Kenyon
Lamb, Sir Joseph Quinton Ramsay, T. B. W. (Western Islet) Wallace, Captain D. E. (Hornsey)
Lambert, Rt. Hon. George Ramsbotham, Herwald Wallace, John (Dunfermline)
Latham, Sir Herbert Paul Ramsden, Sir Eugene Ward. Lt.-Col. Sir A. L. (Hull)
Law, Sir Alfred Ray, Sir William Ward, Irene Mary Bewick (Wallsend)
Law. Richard K. (Hull, S.W.) Rea, Walter Russell Ward, Sarah Adelaide (Cannock)
Lees-Jones, John Reed, Arthur C. (Exeter) Warrender, Sir Victor A. G.
Leighton, Major B. E. P. Reid, Capt. A. Cunningham- Waterhouse, Captain Charles
Lennox-Boyd, A. T. Rhys, Hon. Charles Arthur U. Watt, Captain George Steven H.
Levy, Thomas Robinson, John Roland Wayland, Sir William A.
Lewis, Oswald Ropner, Colonel L. Wedderburn, Henry James Scrymgeour-
Liddall, Walter S. Ross, Ronald D. Wells, Sydney Richard
Lindsay, Noel Ker Ross Taylor, Walter (Woodbridge) Weymouth, Viscount
Lister, Rt. Hon. Sir Philip Cunliff:- Runciman, Rt. Hon. Walter White, Henry Graham
Liewellyn-Jones, Frederick Range, Norah Cecil Whiteside, Borras Noel H.
Lloyd, Geoffrey Russell, Alexander West (Tynemouth) Williams, Herbert G. (Croydon, S.)
Locker-Lampson.Rt. Hn. G. (Wd.Gr'n) Russell, Richard John (Eddlsbury) Wills, Wilfrid D.
Lovat-Fraser, James Alexander Rutherford, Sir John Hugo (Liverp'l) Wilton, Clyde T. (West Toxteth)
Lumley, Captain Lawrence R. Salmon, sir Isidore Windsor-Clive, Lieut.-Colonel George
MacAndrew, Lieut.-Col. C. G.(Partick) Salt, Edward W. Winterton, Rt. Hon. Earl
MacAndrew, Capt. J. O. (Ayr) Samuel, Sir Arthur Michael (F'nham) Womarsley, Walter James
Macdonald, Capt. P. D. (I. of W.) Samuel, Rt. Hon. Sir H. (Darwen) Wood, Rt. Hon. Sir H. Kingsley
McEwen, Captain J. H. F. Sandeman, Sir A. N. Stewart Wood, Sir Murdoch McKenzie (Banff)
McKie, John Hamilton Sassoon, Rt. Hon. Sir Philip A. G. D. Young, Rt. Hon. Sir Hilton (S'v'oaks)
Maclay, Hon. Joseph Paton Savery, Samuel Servington
McLean, Major Sir Alan Selley, Harry R. TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—
McLean, Dr. W. H. (Tradeston) Shakespeare, Geoffrey H. Sir Frederick Thomson and Sir
Macpherson, Rt. Hon. Sir Ian Shaw, Helen B. (Lanark, Bothwell) George Penny.
Adams, D. M. (Poplar, South) Edwards, Charles Maclean, Nell (Glasgow, Govan)
Attlee, Clement Richard Grenfell, David Reas (Glamorgan) Maxton, James
Banfield, John William Grundy, Thomas W. Parkinson, John Allen
Batey, Joseph Hall, F. (York, W.R., Normanton) Price, Gabriel
Brown, C. W. E. (Notts., Mansfield) Hall, George H. (Merthyr Tydvll) Tinker, John Joseph
Buchanan, George Hirst, George Henry Williams, David (Swansea, East)
Cocks, Frederick Seymour Lansbury, Rt. Hon. George Williams, Edward John (Ogmore)
Cove, William G. .Logan, David Gilbert Williams, Dr. John H. (Lianelly)
Daggar, George Lunn, William Williams, Thomas (York, Don Valley)
Davies, David L. (Pontypridd) Macdonald, Gordon (Ince)
Dobble, William McEntee, Valentine L. TELLERS FOR THE NOES.—
Mr. John and Mr. Groves.

Resolution agreed to.