HC Deb 28 June 1933 vol 279 cc1468-9

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs the present position in Northern China; what the terms of the recent armistice were; whether they have been carried out; and whether the League of Nations was in any way consulted or given information with regard to the proceedings?


I understand that the Japanese forces have been withdrawing to the Great Wall, but I cannot say whether the withdrawal is yet complete. Part of the neutral zone is still occupied by Manchukuo forces. The terms of the armistice are of some length, and, with my hon. Friend's permission, I will have them printed in the OFFICIAL REPORT. The League of Nations was not consulted during the negotiation of the armistice, but its terms have been communicated to the Secretary-General by the Chinese Delegation at Geneva.


What steps are being taken to persuade the Manchukuo troops to vacate China?


I think it would be best to see the terms of the armistice, and to follow what is then the position. We must not assume that the terms of the armistice are not going to be carried out loyally.

Following are the terms referred to:

  1. I. The Chinese Army will withdraw to the west and south of the line from Yen-Ching to Chang-Ping, Kao-Li-Yung, Sun-Yi, Tung-Chow, Hsian-Ho, Pao-Ti, Lin-Ting-Kow, Ning-Ho and Lu-Tai and undertakes not to advance beyond that line and to avoid any provocation of hostilities.
  2. II. The Japanese Army may use aero planes or other means to verify the carrying out of the above Article. The Chinese authorities will afford them protection and facilities for such purpose.
  3. III. The Japanese Army, after ascertaining the withdrawal of the Chinese Army to the line stated in Article I, undertakes not to cross the said line and not to continue to attack the Chinese troops, and shall entirely withdraw voluntarily to the Great Wall.
  4. IV. In the region to the south of the Great Wall and to the north and east of the line as defined in Article I, the maintenance of peace and order shall be undertaken by the Chinese police authorities.
  5. V. The present Agreement shall come into effect upon its signature.