HC Deb 14 June 1933 vol 279 cc164-5

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he can state how many visits of inspection were made by the police and the inspectors under the Performing Animals (Regulation) Act, 1926, to the performing animal training establishments at Burnt Stub, Chessington, Surrey; Burstow Lodge, Horley, Surrey; Belmore Farm, Hayes, Middlesex; Brown's Farm, Ascot, Berks; and Tanfield Farm, Cheshunt, Herts, respectively, during the past 18 months?

The SECRETARY of STATE for the HOME DEPARTMENT (Sir John Gilmour)

With the hon. Member's permission, I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a table giving the information desired.

Following is the table:

cated the result, together with the statement contained in the hon. Member's question, to the local authority responsible for the administration of the Act.

29. Sir R. GOWER

asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware that a German animal trainer named Johann Neunzer, but known in this country by the stage name of Hans Brick, exhibited a lion in this country for many weeks in 1932 without being registered under the Performing Animals (Regulation) Act, 1925, and that although registered on 3rd November, 1932, he has since failed to report a change of training quarters in February, 1933, as required by law; and whether he proposes to take any steps in the matter?


I have no information to confirm the (statement made in the first part of the question. I am informed that Neunzer arrived in this country on 26th August, 1932, and was registered at Leeds on 13th September, 1932, in respect of a lion, the particulars of his registration being amended on 3rd November, 1932. His original registration covered the training of animals on tour and I am informed that he interpreted this registration as authorising the training of animals at Chessington, Surrey, where he is now employed. On a recent application to the Surrey County Council he was directed to apply to the Leeds authority and he has now obtained an amended certificate of registration from that authority covering the training quarters at Chessington. I see no ground for any action on my part.