HC Deb 24 July 1933 vol 280 cc2228-9

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how many insanitary houses there are in Irvine; what is the officially estimated shortage of houses in the burgh; and, seeing that the Department of Health have ordered the town council to proceed with the building of 200 houses under the 1930 Act, what action will be taken by the Department of Health to compel this town council to fulfil its obligations with regard to re-housing?


Following upon the passing of the Act of 1930, the Town Council of Irvine estimated that the total number of houses needed, including houses required to replace houses unfit for human habitation, was 400. Since then the local authority have completed 188 houses and, as a result of the local inquiry which was held by order of the Department of Health, have resolved to proceed forthwith with the erection of 200 houses under the Act of 1930. A further statement regarding the housing position in the burgh will fall to be submitted by the town council at the end of the present year, and my right hon. Friend will then be in a position to judge what further action, if any, is required on the part of the Department of Health.