HC Deb 17 July 1933 vol 280 cc1518-9

asked the Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department whether he has any information as to the rates of duty charged in the Chinese tariff on cotton piece-goods; and, if so, whether he can state what rates of duty were chargeable on white shirtings under the tariffs of March, 1930, and May, 1933, respectively?


The answer to the first part of the question is in the affirmative. As a complete answer to the second part of the question is somewhat long I propose, with the permission of the hon. and gallant Member, to circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

The Customs tariff in force in China in March, 1930, was that promulgated on 5th December, 1928, and in force as from 1st February, 1929. The duties on plain white shirtings under this tariff were as follows:

  1. (a) Not over 37 inches by 42 yards: per piece 0.495 Haikuan taels.
  2. (b) Over 37 inches wide: 7½ per cent. ad valorem.

From 1st February, 1930, the Haikuan tael was discontinued, as the unit of calculation of import duties, and as from 16th March, 1930, the rates of duty in Haikuan taels were converted into gold units on the basis of one tael being equal to 1.75 gold units. The gold unit had a fixed value of 19.7265 pence sterling (or 40 cents United States gold). A revised tariff was promulgated on 29th December, 1930, and the duties on white cotton shirtings under this tariff were:

Cotton Shirtings, White, Plain:

  1. (a) Not over 37 inches by 42 yards: per piece 1.20 gold units.
  2. (b) Over 37 inches wide: ad valorem 10 per cent.

A new Customs Tariff was introduced in May, 1933, but the official text has not yet been received in my Department. The Commercial Secretary at Shanghai has, however, forwarded a copy of the new tariff, as released to the Press on 22nd May, 1933, from which date the new rates came into force. The duties on white cotton shirtings under the new tariff appear to be as follows:

Cotton Shirtings, Plain, White:

  1. (a) Not over 37 inches wide: per yard 0.046 gold unit.
  2. (b) Over 37 inches wide: ad valorem 25 per cent.

As from 17th May, 1933, the revenue and flood relief surtaxes, introduced in December, 1931, and August, 1932, became leviable on all imported goods (including shirtings) hitherto exempt therefrom in virtue of the Sino-Japanese Agreement of May, 1930. These surtaxes are each 5 per cent. of the duty.

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