HC Deb 20 February 1933 vol 274 cc1424-5
7. Mr. HALES

asked the Secretary of State for India if he has received a reply to his communication to the Government of India as to the desirability of British officers and civil servants proceeding to India, whose passages are paid by Government, travelling by British steamers?


No, Sir.


May I ask whether, in the meantime, the right hon. Gentleman could not arrange for the outward passages of officers and civil servants in British ships, and is he not aware that there is widespread dissatisfaction at this subsidy to foreign steamships by the British Government?


This is a very difficult subject, and I have answered one or two questions upon it before. If my hon. Friend will refer to my former answers, he will see the reasons that I gave in support of the policy I have adopted.

Lieut.-Commander AGNEW

Would the right hon. Gentleman not consider adjusting the leave of British officers and civil servants to within the few days necessary to secure a British passage back to England?


It is not only a question of dates but a question of price as well. It is very difficult to compel a civil servant to pay more for his passage in a British ship than in another ship.


Is the right hon. Gentleman not aware that the British steamship companies reduced their rates to the Continental level some six months ago?

Captain FULLER

Is it not a fact that these officers have to go by the cheapest possible boats on account of the salary cuts?

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