HC Deb 13 February 1933 vol 274 cc693-4

5.37 p.m.


I beg to move, in page 34, line 3, to leave out paragraph (b).

I move this Amendment in order to ask the Attorney-General whether he can give us any more information regarding the possibility of indirectly supplying fuel at these garages. He will remember that in Committee the question arose as to whether it would be possible for those who garage their cars at these public garages belonging to the Transport Board to get, indirectly, supplies of fuel and so forth. Has the right hon. and learned Gentleman been able to ascertain whether, under the terms of the Bill, it will be possible to have such supplies made available even though they may not actually be sold by the board itself?

5.38 p.m.


I promised to look into this matter. I think the hon. and learned Gentleman desired us to empower the board to sell fuel but the majority of the House in Committee were against that proposel. I think I interposed then to say that there would still be power to lease premises for the purpose of allowing private persons to supply, in convenient proximity to the garages, fuel and motor accessories. I have looked into the question and there is no doubt that both under Clause 3 and Clause 5 powers will be taken by the Transport Board which will enable them to lease land to private persons who will, no doubt, seize with avidity the opportunity of supplying oil, motor accessories and so forth to all persons resorting to these garages. Railway companies, for instance, have statutory powers to lease premises for such purposes. The Transport Board will have similar powers. I hope that will satisfy the hon. and learned Gentleman failing what I know he would like to have, namely, the power to supply these commodities vested in the board itself.


I am obliged to the right hon. and learned Gentleman for his explanation and I beg leave to withdraw the Amendment.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.