HC Deb 09 February 1933 vol 274 cc357-8
63. Mr. LEWIS

asked the Minister of Agriculture if he has any further statement to make as to the policy of the Government on the subject of quotas for meat?


I have been asked to reply. The position with regard to supplies of imported meat may be summarised as follows:

In accordance with the arrangements made on the 7th November last, the marketing of chilled beef from South America were reduced by 10 per cent. from the 15th November to the end of the year. Arrivals for the first six weeks of the current quarter will be about 10 per cent. below the rate permitted by the Ottawa Agreements, and it is the intention that the same reduction shall apply till the end of March.

The imports of frozen beef and frozen mutton and lamb from all foreign countries in the current quarter are limited under the Ottawa Agreements to 90 per cent. of the quantity imported a year ago.

As regards shipments in the current year from the Dominions, in conformity with the arrangements made at Ottawa, the total quantity of mutton and lamb to be exported to the United Kingdom in 1933 from Australia And New Zealand will not exceed the quantities shipped during the 12 months ended 30th June, 1932. As regards bacon and hams, the agreement of the principal exporting countries has been obtained to the continuance until 22nd February of the arrangements in force for the period from 23rd November to 22nd January. The steps to be taken after 22nd February are now being discussed with the representatives of the countries concerned.

The position is set out in more detail in a statement issued jointly to the Press on 25th January by the Board of Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture, of which a copy is being sent to my hon. Friend.


May all Members of the House be permitted to receive the statement referred to?


The statement I have just made will be in the OFFICIAL REPORT to-morrow.


I mean the statement that apparently appeared some time ago.


I will put that before the Minister.


Is this an example of what the President of the Board of Trade calls "the insane quota system"


Does the agreement state what percentage of the meat will be imported in wrappers made in the United Kingdom.?