HC Deb 07 February 1933 vol 274 cc24-5
25. Mr. LEWIS

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he has any further statement to make as to the relations between the Persian Government and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company?


The dispute between His Majesty's Government and the Persian Government in connection with the Anglo-Persian Oil Company's concession was brought before the Council of the League of Nations by His Majesty's Government and the Council heard statements on behalf of the two Governments on the 26th of January, Dr. Benes, the representative of Czechoslovakia on the Council of the League, was appointed rapporteur and as the result of his good offices an arrangement has been reached, and has been confirmed by the Council, whereby the Anglo-Persian Oil Company are about to enter into direct negotiations with the Persian Government with a view to a settlement. In the meantime all proceedings before the Council are suspended on the terms that the point of view set out on each side before the Council remains entirely unprejudiced and that, if negotiations fail to produce agreement, the question will again come before the Council for decision. It is further agreed that during the period of the negotiations and until a final settlement is reached, the work and operations of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company will continue to be carried on as they were carried on before the 27th November, 1932, that is before the Persian Government claimed to cancel the concession.


In consequence of the Government being involved in this question, is our Government going to pay part of their expenses?


I should like notice of that question.