HC Deb 18 December 1933 vol 284 cc905-6

asked the Postmaster-General if he is aware that telephone girls transferred to areas other than those in which they live are receiving a wage increase if they claim that they are compulsorily transferred but not if they volunteer in reply to his request; and whether he proposes to continue this differentiation?


Increases of pay are allowed to telephonists under 21 years of age who are compulsorily transferred on account of redundancy of staff. The regulations provide that when a redundancy occurs, endeavour should first be made to clear it by the transfer under voluntary conditions of officers who are already applicants for transfer to particular offices. If the redundancy cannot be cleared in this way, it is the practice to apply compulsory conditions to the telephonists whom it is necessary to transfer. I shall be glad if my hon.

Great Britain. Lancashire and Cheshire.
Quantity of coal produced. Quantity of coal conveyed by machinery. Quantity of coal produced. Quantity of coal conveyed by machinery.
Thousand Tons.
1929 257,907 37,150 15,659 2,057
1930 243,882 42,495 15,004 2,577
1931 219,459 47,308 14,115 2,851
1932 208,733 52,666 13,247 3,321
1933 (Jan. to Sept.) 151,330 Not available 9,698 Not available

asked the Secretary for Mines the number of miners employed at the coal face in Great Britain at the latest date on which figures are available and on 31st December of the previous four years, giving separate figures for Lancashire and Cheshire?

Friend will let me have particulars of the cases he has in mind.

Viscountess ASTOR

Does the right hon. Gentleman apply the compulsory transfer to the men?


We are dealing with women telephonists. I am not sure about the men, but, in any event, I will try to use compulsion as little as possible, especially to women.