HC Deb 25 April 1933 vol 277 cc11-3

asked the Minister of Agriculture what countries and Dominions have agreed to limit imports

and retail price of home and foreign produced meat per pound during the past six months?


As the answer involves a large number of figures I will circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

of meat and dairy products to the 22nd June next; the extent of the limitation; and the percentage to 1932 imports in each case?


As regards beef, mutton and dairy produce, I have nothing to add to the answers given to my right hon. Friend by myself 23rd March and by my hon. Friend the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade 10th April. As regards bacon and hams, negotiations with the chief foreign exporting countries as to shipments to the United Kingdom during the three months ended 22nd June have proceeded on the basis of quantities of which I will circulate particulars in the OFFICIAL REPORT. The formal concurrence of most of the countries concerned has now been re-

Country. March 23rd to April 22nd. April 23rd to May 22nd. May 23rd to June 22nd. March 23rd to June 22nd.
Cwt. Cwt. Cwt. Cwt.
Argentine 5,800 5,600 5,500 16,900
Denmark 487,300 474,700 462,100 1,424,100
Estonia 7,800 7,700 6,500 22,000
Finland 4,200 4,100 4,000 12,300
Latvia 4,000 3,700 3,600 11,300
Lithuania 38,000 37,000 36,000 111,000
Netherlands 80,500 78,400 76,400 235,300
Poland 77,500 75,500 73,500 226,500
Sweden* 36,700 35,700 34,700 107,100
U.S.A. 50,500 49,500 48,500 148,500
U.S.S.R. 4,000 4,000 4,000 12,000
796,300 775,900 754,800 2,327,000
*Subject to reasonable tolerance in view of short-shipments in previous months.
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