HC Deb 04 April 1933 vol 276 cc1579-83

Arising out of the rearrangement of business which has arisen, may I ask when the Scottish Housing Bill will now be taken, seeing that it was down for discussion on Wednesday?


With regard to the business before Easter, do the Government propose to make any further statement about what is known as the Pact of Rome, and will the House have an opportunity of discussing the matter before the Adjournment?


The position at the moment is that what is known, very inaccurately, as the Pact of Rome is such that no fresh statement would be of any profit to make. Negotiations and exchange of views are still in process, and no event has happened which will make a further statement profitable to the House. A statement will undoubtedly be made as soon as that profitable period arises. With reference to the Scottish Housing Bill, I am afraid we shall have to await events. We desire it to be carried before the Easter Adjournment, but at the, moment we cannot say whether that is possible or not. We are very anxious that it should be done.


The right hon. Gentleman is going to move a Motion with reference to business to-night. I should like to know how long he proposes that the House shall sit. It is not our fault that there is not longer time.


May I remind the right hon. Gentleman that statements have come from Paris of a much more definite kind about the proposals that were discussed at Rome than any that we have had. I hope he will understand that I do not want to press him unduly but I would ask that the House may be put in possession of such information as is possible at the earliest moment.


I hope the right hon. Gentleman and every Member of the House will read with great reserve statements that appear in the Press regarding this Pact. When the British Government publishes papers, the House may assume that the publication is accurate, but statements which are in the nature of newspaper leakage must be read with very great reserve. In answer to the right hon. Gentleman opposite, the Eleven o'clock Rule is being suspended for the Committee stage of the Rent Restrictions Bill, with which the Government desire to make substantial progress.


Is there any possibility of knowing what period the right hon. Gentleman has in mind for to-day's sitting?


I have not so much time in my mind as a point in the Bill. That point can be rapidly reached, and I hope that will be our experience this evening.


Will the right hon. Gentleman state, for the convenience of all Members, a definite time at which the House will be allowed by the Government to rise? A late sitting is great sport at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, but it is not so funny at 4 o'clock in the morning. I would ask the Prime Minister, having regard to the general convenience of Members of the House, not to succumb to the enthusiasm of more violent Members, and to remember that Government business throughout the whole of the Session has proceeded with very great speed and with a minimum of opposition, and that there is no need to rush this particular piece of legislation.


I see no reason why this very important Bill—the Rent and Mortgage Interest Restrictions (Amendment) Bill—should not be proceeded with rapidly, and I should prefer to adhere to the arrangement which has been made through the usual channels.

Motion made, and Question put, That the Proceedings on Government Business be exempted, at this day's Sitting, from the provisions of the Standing Order

(Sittings of the House).—[The Prime Minister.]

The House divided: Ayes, 324; Noes, 44.

Division No. 109.] AYES. [3.48 p.m.
Acland, Rt. Hon. Sir Francis Dyke Davies, Maj. Geo. F. (Somerset, Yeovil) Jackson, Sir Henry (Wandsworth, C.)
Acland-Troyte, Lieut.-Colonel Davison, Sir William Henry James, Wing-Com. A. W. H.
Agnew, Lieut.-Com. P. G. Denman, Hon. R. D. Joel, Dudley J. Barnato
Aitchison, Rt. Hon. Craigie M. Despencer-Robertson, Major J. A. F. Johnstone, Harcourt (S. Shields)
Albery, Irving James Dickie, John P. Jones, Henry Haydn (Merioneth)
Allen, Sir J. Sandeman (L'pool, W.) Donner, P. W. Ker, J. Campbell
Anstruther-Gray, W. J. Doran, Edward Kerr, Hamilton W.
Applin, Lieut.-Col. Reginald V. K. Dower, Captain A. V. G. Knight, Holford
Aske, Sir Robert William Drewe, Cedric Knox, Sir Alfred
Astor, Maj. Hn. John J.(Kant, Dover) Duckworth, George A. V. Lamb, Sir Joseph Quinton
Baldwin, Rt. Hon. Stanley Dugdale, Captain Thomas Lionel Lambert, Rt. Hon. George
Baldwin-Webb, Colonel J. Duggan, Hubert John Latham, Sir Herbert Paul.
Balfour, Capt. Harold (I. of Thanet) Duncan, James A. L. (Kensington, N.) Law, Richard K. (Hull, S. W.)
Balniel, Lord Dunglass, Lord Leckie, J. A.
Barclay-Harvey, C. M. Eales, John Frederick Lees-Jones, John
Barrie, Sir Charles Coupar Eden, Robert Anthony Leighton, Major B. E. P.
Beauchamp, Sir Brograve Campbell Edge, Sir William Lennox-Boyd, A. T.
Beaumont, M. W. (Bucks., Aylesbury) Elliot, Major Rt. Hon. Walter E. Lewis, Oswald
Beaumont, Hon. R. E. B. (Portsm'th, C.) Elliston, Captain George Sampson Liddall, Walter S.
Beit, Sir Alfred L. Elmley, Viscount Lindsay, Noel Ker
Benn, Sir Arthur Shirley Emrys-Evans, P. V. Llewellin, Major John J.
Bevan, Stuart James (Holborn) Entwistle, Cyril Fullard Llewellyn-Jones, Frederick
Birchall, Major Sir John Dearman Erskine, Lord (Weston-super-Mare) Lloyd, Geoffrey
Bird, Sir Robert B. (Wolverh'pton W.) Erskine-Bolst, Capt. C. C. (Blackpool) Locker-Lampson, Rt. Hn. G.(Wd. Gr'n)
Blaker, Sir Reginald Evans, R. T. (Carmarthen) Loder, Captain J. de Vere
Blindell, James Falle, Sir Bertram G. Lovat-Fraser, James Alexander
Boothby, Robert John Graham Fermoy, Lord Lumley, Captain Lawrence R.
Borodale, Viscount Fleming, Edward Lascelles Lyons, Abraham Montagu
Bossom, A. C. Flint, Abraham John Mabane, William
Bower, Lieut.-Com. Robert Tatton Foot, Dingle (Dundee) MacAndrew, Maj. C. G. (Partick)
Bowyer, Capt. Sir George E. W. Fox, Sir Gilford MacAndrew, Capt. J. O. (Ayr)
Boyce, H. Leslie Fremantle, Sir Francis McCorquodale, M. S.
Boyd-Carpenter, Sir Archibald Galbraith, James Francis Wallace MacDonald, Rt. Hn. J. R. (Seaham)
Braithwaite, J. G. (Hillsborough) Ganzoni, Sir John Macdonald, Capt. P. D. (I. of W.)
Briscoe, Capt. Richard George Gault, Lieut.-Col. A. Hamilton McEwen, Captain J. H. F.
Broadbent, Colonel John Gilmour, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon. Sir John McKie, John Hamilton
Brocklebank, C. E. R. Gledhill, Gilbert McLean, Major Sir Alan
Brown, Ernest (Leith) Glossop, C. W. H. Macmillan, Maurice Harold
Brown, Brig.-Gen. H. C. (Berks., Newb'y) Glyn, Major Ralph G. C. Maitland, Adam
Buchan, John Goff, Sir Park Makins, Brigadier-General Ernest
Buchan-Hepburn, P. G. T. Goodman, Colonel Albert W. Mander, Geoffrey le M.
Bullock, Captain Malcolm Gower, Sir Robert Manningham-Buller, Lt.-Col. Sir M.
Burgin, Dr. Edward Leslie Granville, Edgar Margesson, Capt. Rt. Hon. H. D. R.
Burnett, John George Grattan-Doyle, Sir Nicholas Martin, Thomas B.
Cadogan, Hon. Edward Graves, Marjorie Mayhew, Lieut.-Colonel John
Campbell, Edward Taswell (Bromley) Gretton, Colonel Rt. Hon. John Meller, Richard James
Campbell, Vice-Admiral G. (Burnley) Grimston, R. V. Merriman, Sir F. Boyd
Campbell-Johnston, Malcolm Guinness, Thomas L. E. B. Mills, Sir Frederick (Leyton, E.)
Caporn, Arthur Cecil Guy, J. C. Morrison Mills, Major J. D. (New Forest)
Carver, Major William H. Hacking, Rt. Hon. Douglas H. Mitchell, Harold P.(Br'tf'd & Chisw'k)
Cayzer, Sir Charles (Chester, City) Hales, Harold K. Molson, A. Hugh Eisdale
Cazalet, Thelma (Islington, E.) Hamilton, Sir R. W.(Orkney & Zetl'nd) Monsell, Rt. Hon. Sir B. Eyres
Cazalet, Capt. V. A. (Chippenham) Hanbury, Cecil Moore, Lt.-Col. Thomas C. R. (Ayr)
Chamberlain, Rt. Hon. Sir J. A. (Birm., W) Hanley, Dennis A. Moore-Brabazon, Lieut.-Col. J. T. C.
Chamberlain, Rt. Hn. N. (Edgbaston) Hartington, Marquess of Morgan, Robert H.
Chapman, Col. R. (Houghton-le-Spring) Hartland, George A. Morris, John Patrick (Salford, N.)
Chorlton, Alan Ernest Leofric Harvey, Major S. E. (Devon, Totnes) Morris-Jones, Dr. J. H. (Denbigh)
Christie, James Archibald Haslam, Sir John (Bolton) Morrison, William Shephard
Churchill, Rt. Hon. Winston Spencer Headlam, Lieut.-Col. Cuthbert M. Moss, Captain H. J.
Clarke, Frank Hellgers, Captain F. F. A. Muirhead, Major A. J
Clarry, Reginald George Henderson, Sir Vivian L. (Chelmsford) Munro, Patrick
Clayton, Dr. George C. Heneage, Lieut.-Colonel Arthur P. Nail-Cain, Hon. Ronald
Cochrane, Commander Hon. A, D. Hepworth, Joseph Nation, Brigadier-General J. J. H.
Colville, Lieut.-Colonel J. Holdsworth, Herbert Newton, Sir Douglas George C.
Conant, R. J. E. Hope, Capt. Hon. A. O. J. (Aston) Nicholson, Godfrey (Morpeth)
Cook, Thomas A. Hore-Belisha, Leslie Nicholson, Rt. Hn. W. G. (Petersf'ld)
Cooke, Douglas Hornby, Frank O'Connor, Terence James
Cowan, D. M. Horobin, Ian M. Ormiston, Thomas
Craven-Ellis, William Horsbrugh, Florence Palmer, Francis Noel
Croft, Brigadier-General Sir H. Howitt, Dr. Alfred B. Patrick, Colin M.
Crooke, J. Smedley Hudson, Capt. A. U. M. (Hackney, N.) Pearson, William G.
Crookshank, Capt. H. C. (Gainsb'ro) Hudson, Robert Spear (Southport) Percy, Lord Eustace
Cross, R. H. Hunter, Dr. Joseph (Dumfries) Peters, Dr. Sidney John
Crossley, A. C. Hurd, Sir Percy Petherick, M.
Culverwell, Cyril Tom Hurst, Sir Gerald B. Peto, Sir Basil E. (Devon, Barnstaple)
Curry, A. C. Hutchison, W. D. (Essex, Romf'd) Peto, Geoffrey K. (W'verh'pt'n, Blist'n)
Pickford, Hon. Mary Ada Salt, Edward W. Sutcliffe, Harold
Pike, Cecil F. Samuel, Sir Arthur Michael (F'nham) Tate, Mavis Constance
Potter, John Samuel, Rt. Hon, Sir H. (Darwen) Thomas. Rt. Hon. J. H. (Derby)
Powell, Lieut.-Col. Evelyn G. H. Sandeman, Sir A. N. Stewart Thompson, Luke
Pownall, Sir Assheton Scone, Lord Todd, Capt. A. J. K. (B'wick-on-T.)
Pybus, Percy John Shakespeare, Geoffrey H. Touche, Gordon Cosmo
Raikes, Henry V. A. M. Shaw, Helen B. (Lanark, Bothwell) Turton, Robert Hugh
Ramsay, Capt. A. H. M. (Midlothian) Shepperson, Sir Ernest W. Wallace, Captain D. E. (Hornsey)
Ramsay, T. B. W. (Western Isles) Sinclair, Maj. Rt. Hn. Sir A. (C'thness) Ward, Lt.-Col. Sir A. L. (Hull)
Ramsbotham, Herwald Sinclair, Col. T. (Queen's Unv., Belfast) Ward, Irene Mary Bewick (Wallsend)
Ramsden, Sir Eugene Skelton, Archibald Noel Ward, Sarah Adelaide (Cannock)
Rankin, Robert Slater, John Waterhouse, Captain Charles
Rathbone, Eleanor Smith, Louis W. (Sheffield, Hallam) Watt, Captain George Steven H.
Rea, Walter Russell Smith, R. W.(Ab'rd'n & Kinc'dine, C.) Wayland, Sir William A.
Reed, Arthur C. (Exeter) Smith-Carington, Neville W. Wedderburn, Henry James Scrymgeour-
Reid, Capt. A. Cunningham- Smithers, Waldron Wells, Sydney Richard
Reid, William Allan (Derby) Somerville, Annesley A. (Windsor) Weymouth, Viscount
Remer, John R. Soper, Richard Whiteside, Borras Noel H.
Renwick, Major Gustav A. Southby, Commander Archibald R. J. Whyte, Jardine Bell
Rhys, Hon. Charles Arthur U. Spears, Brigadier-General Edward L. Williams, Charles (Devon, Torquay)
Roberts, Aled (Wrexham) Spencer, Captain Richard A. Williams, Herbert G. (Croydon, S.)
Roberts, Sir Samuel (Ecclesall) Spender-Clay, Rt. Hon. Herbert H. Wills, Wilfrid D.
Robinson. John Roland Stanley, Lord (Lancaster, Fylde) Windsor-Clive, Lieut.-Colonel George
Ropner, Colonel L. Stanley, Hon. O. F. G. (Westmorland) Wise, Alfred R.
Rosbotham, Sir Samuel Stevenson, James Womersley, Walter James
Ross Taylor, Walter (Woodbridge) Stewart, J. H. (Fife, E.) Wood, Rt. Hon. Sir H. Kingsley
Rothschild, James A. de Stones, James Wood, Sir Murdoch McKenzie (Banff)
Ruggles-Brise, Colonel E. A. Storey, Samuel Worthington, Dr. John V.
Runciman, Rt. Hon. Walter Stourton, Hon. John J. Young, Rt. Hon. Sir Hilton (S'v'noaks)
Runge, Norah Cecil Strauss, Edward A. Young, Ernest J. (Middlesbrough, E.)
Russell, Alexander West (Tynemouth) Strickland, Captain W. F.
Russell, Richard John (Eddisbury) Stuart, Lord C. Crichton- TELLERS FOR THE AYES.
Rutherford, Sir John Hugo (Liverp'l) Sueter, Rear-Admiral Murray F. Sir Frederick Thomson and Sir
Victor Warrender.
Adams, D. M. (Poplar, South) Greenwood, Rt. Hon. Arthur Mainwaring, William Henry
Attlee, Clement Richard Grenfell, David Reel (Glamorgan) Maxton, James
Banfield, John William Grundy, Thomas W. Nathan, Major H. L.
Batey, Joseph Hall, F. (York, W.R., Normanton) Parkinson, John Allen
Bevan, Aneurin (Ebbw Vale) Hall, George H. (Merthyr Tydvil) Price, Gabriel
Brown, C. W. E. (Notts., Mansfield) Hicks, Ernest George Thorne, William James
Cape, Thomas Hirst, George Henry Tinker, John Joseph
Cocks, Frederick Seymour Jenkins, Sir William Wallhead, Richard C.
Cove, William G. Jones, Morgan (Caerphilly) Wedgwood, Rt. Hon. Josiah
Cripps, Sir Stafford Kirkwood, David Williams, Edward John (Ogmore)
Daggar, George Lansbury, Rt. Hon. George Williams, Dr. John H. (Llanelly)
Davies, David L. (Pontypridd) Lawson, John James Williams, Thomas (York, Don Valley)
Davies, Rhys John (Westhoughton) Logan, David Gilbert
Edwards, Charles Lunn, William TELLERS FOR THE NOES.
George, Major G. Lloyd (Pembroke) McGovern, John Mr. Groves and Mr. John.
Graham, D. M. (Lanark, Hamilton) Maclean, Neil (Glasgow, Govan)

Question put, and agreed to.