HC Deb 01 November 1932 vol 269 cc1621-758

Further considered in Committee [Progress, 31st October.]


[Sir DENNIS HERBERT in the Chair.)

  1. CLAUSE 5.—(Security of preferences granted pursuant to agreement with the Dominion of Canada against action by foreign Governments.) 30,990 words, 4 divisions
  2. cc1695-9
  3. CLAUSE 6.—(Power of Treasury in certain cases to add goods to Free List without recommendation.) 1,200 words
  4. cc1699-755
  5. CLAUSE 7.—(Regulation of importation of certain frozen and chilled meat.) 22,927 words, 2 divisions
  6. cc1755-8
  7. CLAUSE 8.—(Amendment of law as to importation of Canadian cattle.) 969 words
  8. c1758
  9. FAIRS BILL. 16 words
  10. c1758
  11. ADJOURNMENT. 16 words