HC Deb 15 March 1932 vol 263 c251

Resolution reported, That it is expedient—

  1. (a) to authorise the Treasury to guarantee the payment of the principal of, and the interest on, a loan to be raised by the Government of Tanganyika not exceeding an amount sufficient to raise seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds, and to charge on the Consolidated Fund any moneys required to fulfil any such guarantee;
  2. (b) to authorise the Treasury to advance by way of loan to the Government of British Honduras sums not exceeding in the whole three hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds, the advances to be local loans within the meaning of the National Debt and Local Loans Act, 1887;
  3. (c) to authorise advances out of moneys provided by Parliament for the payment of such part, if any, of the annual or half-yearly charges in respect of the loans aforesaid for any of the first five years of the currency thereof as, in the opinion of the Treasury and the Secretary of State, the Government concerned are not in a position to meet as and when those charges fall due."

Bill ordered to be brought in upon the said Resolution by Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister, Sir Robert Hamilton, and Major Elliot.