HC Deb 30 June 1932 vol 267 cc2054-60

Considered in Committee.

[Sir DENNIS HERBERT in the Chair.]

Clauses 1 (The Law Society to act as registrar of Solicitors), 2 (The registrar to keep the roll of Solicitors), 3 (Admission and enrolment of Solicitors), 4 (Constitution of Disciplinary Committee), 5 (Powers of Committee), and 6 (Procedure of Committee) ordered to stand part of the Bill.

  1. Clause 7.—(Filing, effect and notice of orders made by the Committee.) 435 words
  2. cc2056-7
  3. Clause 32.—(Conditions of admission to final examination.) 340 words
  4. cc2057-60
  5. Clause 53.—(Solicitors not to commence or defend actions whilst in prison.) 1,222 words