HC Deb 24 June 1932 vol 267 cc1434-42

As amended (in the Standing Committee) considered.

  1. CLAUSE 3.—(Grounds for Revocation of Patent.) 312 words
  2. cc1435-6
  3. CLAUSE 4.—(Provision as to unfair exercise of process patent.) 480 words
  4. cc1436-9
  5. CLAUSE 5.—(Power of court in infringement action as regards relief in respect of particular claims in patents.) 1,196 words
  6. c1439
  7. CLAUSE 8.—(Subject matter of patents for chemical products and substances intended for food or medicine.) 50 words
  8. cc1440-2
  9. SCHEDULE.—(Minor Amendments of Principal Act.) 925 words