HC Deb 01 June 1932 vol 266 c1155
26 Mr. MACLAY for

asked the Minister of Transport (1) whether, in view of modern developments in the technique of electrical distribution and the increased importance of communication by road, he will undertake a review of the existing law as regards the distribution of electrical current and the relations between electricity undertakers and road authorities with a view to bringing the law up to date;

(2) whether he is aware that street boxes and sub-stations have been placed in and under streets and roads in this country without any payment by the electricity undertakers to the owners of the ground; and whether he will amend the law so that the provisions of the law relating to poles carrying electrical cables shall apply to these street boxes;

(3) if any limit is imposed by his Department to the size of street boxes and sub-stations used for the purpose of distributing electricity above and below ground; and, if not, will he consider an amendment of the law so that some limit may be fixed?


Authorised undertakers are entitled, under the existing law, to place street boxes in or under public highways without payment, and no limit is imposed as to the size, but the road authority has a veto on the erection of street boxes above ground. When the Electricity (Supply) Bill of 1926 was before Parliament an amendment of these provisions was discussed but was rejected, and I do not contemplate the introduction of legislation on the matter.

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