HC Deb 20 July 1932 vol 156 cc2245-6
11. Lieut.-Colonel MOORE-BRABAZON

asked the Secretary of State for Air whether the Air Force maintain their own torpedo factory at Portsmouth for the manufacture and production of their own torpedoes: and if so, whether this work could be done more economically at the naval torpedo factory?

Captain GUEST

It is not a fact that, as has appeared in the Press, the Air Force maintain a separate torpedo factory. The Royal Air Force use naval torpedoes designed and manufactured under Admiralty supervision. There' are workshops at the aerodrome from which the torpedo ship-planes are operated, but these shops are concerned only with the maintenance and adjustment of the torpedoes in use.


Can the right hon. and gallant Gentleman say whether he consulted the Admiralty as to whether this testing work, of which he has told us, could not be better on the "Vernon" where the Admiralty work?

Captain GUEST

No, Sir. I think my right hon. Friend misapprehends a little as to the functions of the Royal Air Force in connection with torpedo work and the naval side of the work. This work must be done at the aerodrome, because the planes operate from the aerodrome.

Captain Viscount CURZON

Is there not at Gosport a Royal Air Force establishment for testing torpedoes, and is there not attached to it an officer of the Royal Navy, of lieutenant's rank, and a flying officer also attached to it?

Captain GUEST

There are so many points involved in that supplementary question that it would perhaps be more satisfactory if my hon. and gallant Friend would put it on the Paper.