HC Deb 07 July 1932 vol 268 c601
29. Major-General Sir ALFRED KNOX

asked the Minister of Health how many whole-time regional medical officers are employed by the Ministry; and what are their duties and salaries?


As the reply to my hon. and gallant Friend is necessarily long, I will, with his permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

The numbers and annual salaries of the officers in question are as follow:

Four divisional medical officers on the scale of £1,400—£1,600. Thirty-five regional medical officers on the scale of £1,000—£1,400. Forty-three deputy regional medical officers on the scale of £800—£1,100.

These salaries are inclusive, that is to say no cost of living bonus is payable on them; and they are at present subject to abatements varying from 10 per cent. to 7½ per cent. in accordance with decisions of His Majesty's Government. The chief duty of the regional and deputy regional medical officers is to examine insured persons certified as incapable of work and referred for a second medical opinion either by approved societies on the question of incapacity, or by insurance practitioners for purposes of consultation. The bulk of their emoluments is accordingly repaid by societies as an appropriation in aid of the Ministry of Health Vote. These officers also inspect the medical records kept by insurance practitioners, and (on behalf of the Home Office) the Dangerous Drugs registers kept by medical practitioners and hospitals; they interview insurance practitioners on questions relating to prescribing; and from time to time make other inquiries and reports required in the administration of the insurance medical service.

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