HC Deb 17 February 1932 vol 261 c1695

Five allotted days shall be given to the Committee stage of the Bill and to the proceedings on any Instructions and the necessary stages of any Financial Resolution relating thereto, and the proceedings on each such allotted day shall be as shown in the second column of the following Table; and those proceedings shall, if not previously brought to a conclusion, be brought to a conclusion at the time shown in the third column for that day.

TABLE I.—Financial Resolution and Committee Stage.
Allotted Day. Proceedings. Time for bringing Proceedings to a conclusion.
First All stages of Financial Resolution (Import Duties [Expenses]), proceedings on Instructions, and Clause 1 9.0
Clauses 2 and 3
Second Clauses 2 and 3 10.30
Third Clauses 4 to 8 7.30
Clauses 9 to 11 10.30
Fourth Clauses 12 to 22 and New Clauses 10.30
Fifth Schedules, and any other matter necessary to bring the Committee stage to a conclusion 10.30