HC Deb 16 February 1932 vol 261 cc1460-1
69. Mr. BATEY

asked the Minister of Labour what was the number of persons: undergoing juvenile and adult training on 1st June, 1931, and on 1st February, 1932, respectively?


On 1st June, 1931, 22,432 juveniles and 5,824 adults were receiving training provided by or on behalf of the Ministry of Labour. The corresponding figures for 1st February, 1932, are 26,651 and 3,922, respectively.

70 and 71. Mr. LAWSON

asked the Minister of Labour, (1) what is the number of juveniles receiving training at training centres and from the Ministry of Labour in association with education committees:

(2) if he will give a statement showing the number of juveniles unemployed aged 14 to 21; and the number of men and women unemployed between the ages of 21 and 35, from 35 to 50, and from 50 to 65?


As the replies include a considerable number of figures, I will circulate them in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following are the replies:

At the latest date for which figures are available there were 15,629 boys and 5,387 girls in daily attendance at Junior Instruction Centres and Junior Instruction Classes conducted by Local Education Authorities with assistance from the Ministry of Labour. In addition there were 3,013 boys and 2,071 girls registered as unemployed and attending other existing educational institutions which have been recognised as approved courses of instruction. There were also 591 girls under 18 years of age receiving training in Home Training Centres conducted by the Central Committee for Women's Training arid Employment.

The numbers of persons under 21 years of age on the registers of Employment Exchanges in Great Britain at 25th January, 1932, were as follows:

Males. Females. Total.
Juveniles aged 14–17 76,510 58,966 135,476
Young persons ages 18–20. 161,544 82,250 243,794

It is estimated, on the basis of the age distribution ascertained in February, 1931, that the numbers on the registers at 25th January, 1932, in the following age-groups were approximately:

Beet-Sugar Manufacturing Campaigns.
1930–31. 1931–32.
Amount of subsidy paid or payable (including subsidy on molasses manufactured in 1931–32 but not yet delivered). £6,140,000 £2,075,000
Quantity of sugar produced 8,486,000 cwts. 5,025,000 cwts.
Number of persons employed in the factories 9,900 7,900
Period in man-weeks for which factory employment has been, or is expected to be, given. 231,000 170,000
The employment afforded in the production of the 1930 and 1931 sugar-beet crops may be estimated at 1,290,000 and 870,000 man-weeks respectively, while the employment indirectly provided in ancillary industries (transport, coal mining, etc.) may he estimated at 550,000 and 370,000 man-weeks in 1930–31 and 1931–32 respectively.