HC Deb 26 April 1932 vol 265 cc194-5

asked the Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department what action is being takes with reference to the use of films for propaganda purposes in connection with our export trade, in view of action of this kind which has been taken by the United States of America?

Mr. JOHN COLVILLE (Secretary, Overseas Trade Department)

In several overseas countries the representatives of the Department of Overseas Trade have been able to assist in securing opportunities for the exhibition of industrial films belonging to United Kingdom firms and further endeavours are under consideration in conjunction with the accredited representatives of industry.


Will the hon. Member, in considering the report of the Public Accounts Committee, insist upon the preservation of the film section of the Empire Marketing Board as a valuable help to British trade?


I will bear in mind the point raised by the hon. Member.


asked the President of the Board of Trade in how many countries at the present time there is any trade propaganda on the lines of the "Buy British" campaign; and whether he will take steps to propose a simultaneous abandonment of the campaign in the interests of export trade?


According to reports which have reached the Department of Overseas Trade, there are a number of countries, especially in Europe, in which official support has been given to the movement in favour of buying home pro ducts. As the hon. Member is aware, the "Buy British" campaign recently organised by the Empire Marketing Board has been conspicuously successful, and I see no sufficient reason for the adoption of the suggestion in the second part of the question.


Will the hon. Member not try to break up this international suicide club?


These efforts on the part of foreign Governments are not all detrimental to British trade. For in stance, in Finland in the "Buy Finnish" campaign they have the slogan "Buy Finnish, and, if you cannot, buy from Britain, Finland's best customer."


Does my hon. Friend intend to adopt that suggestion in connection

The following table shows the total weight of iron and steel baths and stoves, grates and ranges for domestic cooking and heating imported into the United Kingdom, as registered during each month from September, 1931, to March, 1932, inclusive. The number imported is not recorded.
Month. Baths of iron or steel (porcelain enamelled or other finish) Stoves, grates and ranges of iron or steel for domestic cooking and heating.
For coal and other solid fuel. For gas. For liquid fuel.
1931. Tons. Tons. Tons. Tons.
September 872 283 8 69
October 720 139 13 97
November 1,272 91 3 117
December 665 52 25
January 369 30 2 211
February 309 10 6 49
March 217 25 2 5
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