HC Deb 22 September 1931 vol 256 cc1447-8

asked the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs the grounds on which Mr. M. Segolodi, who recently acted as guide and interpreter to a mission of investigation in Bechuanaland which included a member of the faculty of the Witwatersrand University, has been banished from his home by the protectorate administration?


The High Commissioner for South Africa has reported that, acting under Bechuanaland Protectorate Proclamation No. 15 of 1907, he recently authorised the Resident Commissioner to issue an order to Moanaphuti Segolodi to confine himself within the limits of those parts of the Protectorate which lie outside the Bamangwato Reserve. The High Commissioner took this action on the ground that it had been shown to his satisfaction that there were reasonable grounds for believing that the continued residence of Moanaphuti in the Bamangwato Reserve, where his actions have aroused strong opposition on the part of the tribe, involved danger to the peace of the Protectorate. I may add that it would not be correct to say that this action was taken because Moanaphuti accompanied the party referred to in the hon. Member's question.