HC Deb 05 November 1931 vol 259 cc35-40

The only business before the House this day is the swearing-in of Members. To-day I will take the various benches from alternative sides of the House, beginning with the Government Benches.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:

Austin Uvedale Morgan Hudson, esquire, Borough of Hackney (North Division).

Oliver Frederick George Stanley, esquire, County of Westmorland.

Malcolm John MacDonald, esquire, County of Nottingham (Bassetlaw Division).

Captain Robert Croft Bourne, Borough of Oxford.

Lieutenant-Colonel David Watts-Morgan, C.B.E., D.S.O., Borough of Rhondda (East Division).

Sir Basil Edward Peto, baronet, County of Devon (Barnstaple Division).

Charles Ainsworth, esquire, Borough of Bury.

George Daggar, esquire, County of Monmouth (Abertillery Division).

Alfred Salter, esquire, Borough of Bermondsey (West Bermondsey Division).

Joseph Batey, esquire, County of Durham (Spennymoor Division).

Alfred Charles Bossom, esquire, County of Kent (Maidstone Division).

Sir William Abraham Wayland, knight, County of Kent (Canterbury Division).

Malcolm Stewart McCorquodale, esquire, County of York, West Riding (Sowerby Division).

Alan Tindal Lennox Lennox-Boyd, esquire, County of Bedford (Mid Division).

Percy Alfred Harris, esquire, Borough of Bethnal Green (South-West Division).

Charles Milne, esquire, County of Fife (Western Division).

Hamilton William Kerr, esquire, Borough of Oldham.

Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Edward Fremantle, County of Hertford (St. Albans Division).

Captain Thomas Edmund Sotheran-Estcourt, County of York, West Riding (Pontefract Division).

James Scott Cumberland Reid, esquire, Stirling and Falkirk District of Burghs.

Alan Vincent Gandar Dower, esquire, Borough of Stockport.

James Stevenson, esquire, K.C., Burgh of Glasgow (Camlachie Division).

Albert Russell, esquire, K.C., Kirkcaldy District of Burghs.

Sir Gervais Rentoul, knight, K.C., County of East Suffolk (Lowestoft Division).

Abraham Montagu Lyons, esquire, Borough of Leicester (East Division).

Sir George Hopwood Hume, Borough of Greenwich.

Sir Robert Bland Bird, baronet, Borough of Wolverhampton (West Division).

Sir John Ferguson, K.B.E., County of Middlesex (Twickenham Division).

Major James Archibald St. George Fitzwarenne Despencer-Robertson, County of Wilts (Salisbury Division).

Donald Bradley Somervell, esquire, O.B.E., K.C., County of Chester (Crewe Division).

Osbert Peake, esquire, Borough of Leeds (North Division).

William Henry Flanagan, esquire, Borough of Manchester (Clayton Division).

Eric Alfred George Snackleton Bailey, esquire, Borough of Manchester (Gorton Division).

Edward Lascelles Fleming, esquire, Borough of Manchester (Withington Division).

John Lees-Jones, esquire, Borough of Manchester (Blackley Division).

Captain Albert George Fuller, Borough of Manchester (Ardwick Division).

John Coutts Lockwood, esquire, Borough of Hackney (Central Division).

Evelyn George Harcourt Powell, esquire, Borough of Southwark (South-East Division).

Major Bertie Edward Parker Leighton, County of Salop (Oswestry Division).

Arthur, Earl Castlestewart, County of Leicester (Harborough Division).

Captain Lawrence Roger Lumley, Borough of York.

John Joseph Stourton, esquire, commonly called the honourable John Joseph Stourton, Borough of Salford (South Division).

John Rutherford Chalmers, esquire, Borough of Edmonton.

Major Sir Herbert Robin Cayzer, baronet, Borough of Portsmouth (South Division).

James Campbell Ker, esquire, C.S.I., C.I.E., County of Stirling and Clackmannan (Western Division).

James Wellwood Johnston, esquire, County of Stirling and Clackmannan (Clackmannan and Eastern Division).

The Right honourable Edward, Earl Winterton, County of West Sussex (Horsham and Worthing Division).

Captain Edward Montagu Cavendish Stanley, commonly called Lord Stanley, County of Lancaster (Fylde Division).

David George Brownlow Cecil, esquire, commonly called Lord Burghley, County of Northampton, with the Soke of Peterborough (Peterborough Division).

Frances Marjorie Graves, Borough of Hackney (South Division).

Mary Ada Pickford, C.B.E., Borough of Hammersmith (North Division).

Gwendolen Florence Mary, Countess of Iveagh, Borough of Southend-on-Sea.

Sir Reginald Blaker, baronet, County of Middlesex (Spelthorne Division).

Robert Hamilton Bernays, esquire, Borough of Bristol (North Division).

Lieutenant-Colonel John Gibb Thom, County of Dumbarton.

Brigadier-General Howard Clifton Brown, County of Berks (Newbury Division).

Thomas Ormiston, esquire, County of Lanark (Motherwell Division).

Ernest James Young, esquire, Borough of Middlesbrough (East Division).

Frank Kingsley Griffith, esquire, Borough of Middlesbrough (West Division).

Anthony Crommelin Crossley, esquire, Borough of Oldham.

Adam Maitland, esquire, County of Kent (Faversham Division).

Commander Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-Lampson, C.M.G., D.S.O., Borough of Birmingham (Handsworth Division).

Major John Sewell Courtauld, M.C., County of West Sussex (Chichester Division).

Major Ralph George Campbell Glyn, County of Berks (Abingdon Division).

Charles Ernest George Campbell Emmott, esquire, Burgh of Glasgow (Springburn Division).

Robert Harry Morgan, esquire, County of Worcester (Stourbridge Division).

Reginald Powell Croom-Johnson, esquire, K.C., County of Somerset (Bridgwater Division).

Reginald Purbrick, esquire, Borough of Liverpool (Walton Division).

Sir Alfred Butt, baronet, Borough of Wandsworth (Balham and Tooting Division).

Dudley Jack Barnato Joel, esquire, Borough of Dudley.

Sir Henry Jackson, Borough of Wandsworth (Central Division).

Sir John Leigh, baronet, Borough of Wandsworth (Clapham Division).

Lieutenant David Field Beatty, commonly called Viscount Borodale, R.N. (retired), Borough of Camberwell (Peckham Division).

Walter Robert Dempster Perkins, esquire, County of Gloucester (Stroud Division).

Sir Dennis Henry Herbert, K.B.E., County of Hertford (Watford Division).

Clement Davies, esquire, County of Montgomery.

Harcourt Johnstone, esquire, Borough of South Shields.

Frank Briant, esquire, Borough of Lambeth (North Division).

Henry Adam Procter, esquire, Borough of Accrington.

Right honourable Hugh Richard Heathcote Cecil, commonly called Lord Hugh Richard Heathcote Cecil, Oxford University.

Daniel Gerald Somerville, esquire, Borough of Willesden (East Division).

Brigadier-General Sir William Alexander, K.B.E., C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Burgh of Glasgow (Central Division).

James Stuart, esquire, commonly called the Honourable James Stuart, County of Moray and Nairn.

Arthur Carlyne Niven Dixey, esquire, County of Cumberland (Penrith and Cockermouth Division).

Major Edward Cecil George Cadogan, commonly called Major the honourable Edward Cecil George Cadogan, County of Middlesex (Finchley Division).

Sir Thomas Vansittart Bowater, baronet, City of London.

Ernest George Hicks, esquire, Borough of Woolwich (East Division).

Joseph Cooksey Jackson, esquire, K.C., County of Lancaster (Heywood and Radcliffe Division).

Captain Henry Arthur Evans, Borough of Cardiff (South Division).

Gerald Vernon Wallop, esquire, commonly called Viscount Lymington, County of Hants (Basingstoke Division).

Eleanor Florence Rathbone, the University of Durham, the Victoria University of Manchester, the University of Liverpool, the University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield, the University of Birmingham, the University of Bristol, and the University of Reading.

Otho William Nicholson, esquire, Borough of Westminster (Abbey Division).

Right honourable Herbert Dixon, Borough of Belfast (East Belfast Division).

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