HC Deb 19 March 1931 vol 249 cc2141-3
49. Mr. TURTON

asked the Minister of Agriculture if he will state how many premium bulls there are at the present date in England and Scotland, respectively; what proportion of the bulls in each country are premium bulls; and what sum is contributed by the State towards the provision of premium bulls?


The figures are as follow:

At the same time, I understand that it is the policy of the Wireless Press, Limited, to avoid the inclusion in these news messages of anything of a partisan or propaganda nature, and that, apart from an isolated case which gave rise to a complaint in a newspaper, there have been no recent complaints either from subscribers or from others concerning the character of the messages.


Will the hon. Gentleman take steps to see that biased propaganda of this sort is not permitted again in any circumstances?


Has the hon. Gentleman seen the "Times" of the 26th February, where he will see a very egregious case of propaganda on behalf of the views of people on the other side of the House?


My attention has been drawn to this incident, but this is the only instance in which this kind of thing has occurred.


Is not the hon. Gentleman aware that, on the contrary, those of us who travel constantly by sea are frequently coming across cases of the most blatant propaganda on the part of this organisation; and that some hon. Gentlemen on the other side of the House, whose names I could give, and who have been with me, will agree with me?


The very fact of this case having been brought to light will, we are persuaded, have the desired effect.