HC Deb 19 March 1931 vol 249 cc2132-4

asked the Minister of Health if he will state for each year since 1912 the total numbers of doctors undertaking National Health Insurance work, and the total amount paid to such doctors out of National Health Insurance funds?


With my hon. Friend's permission I will circulate these particulars for England and Wales in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following are the particulars:

NUMBER of MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS undertaking National Health Insurance work during the years 1913–1930.
(England and Wales.)
1913 12,674
1914 12,868
1915 12,675
1916 12,321
1917 11,984
1918 11,675
1919 11,346
1920 11,620
1921 12,216
1922 12,531
1923 12,862
1924 13,211
1925 13,823
1926 14,432
1927 14,952
1928 15,269
1929 15,563
1930 15,750
At 1st January, 1931 15,703
(England and Wales.)
1913 3,858,000
1914 3,673,000
1915 3,470,000
1916 3,353,000
1917 3,845,000
1918 3,641,000
1919 4,052,000
1920 7,403,000
1921 7,824,000
1922 6,773,000
1923 6,670,000
1924 6,476,000
1925 6,518,000
1926 6,661,000
1927 6,831,000
1928 7,037,000
1929 7,109,000
1930 7,300,000

40. Mr. LEWIS

asked the Minister of Health if he will state for each year since 1912 the total reserve values credited to approved societies; the amount de- ducted from contributions paid in respect of insured persons for the redemption of such reserve values; the manner in which the amount so deducted has been utilised for the redemption of such reserve values and the payment of interest thereon, respectively, and the total amount of reserve values unredeemed at December, 1930; when it was anticipated that the original reserve values credited in 1912 would be fully redeemed; when it is now anticipated that all reserve values will be redeemed; and the reasons for any extension of such time?


As the answer is long, I will, with permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

The particulars asked for in the first part of the question are not available, but the position at December, 1930, is estimated to be as follows:

Total amount deducted from contributions 56,000,000
of which the amount applied to payment of interest on reserve values 34,000,000
and the amount applied to redemption of reserve values 22,000,000
Total amount of reserve values unredeemed 48,000,000

In answer to the latter parts of the question it was originally estimated that the reserve values would be redeemed by about 1932, but following the recommendations of a Departmental Committee the contributions applied to this purpose were reduced in 1918 to enable the contingencies funds of approved societies to be set up and the redemption period was extended, as estimated, to 1952. A further extension to 1955 followed on the increase of benefits and contributions in 1920. Subsequent changes have not affected this date, but considerable uncertainty has been created by the conditions of recent years, since interest being the first charge on the contributions assigned to the service of reserve values, the whole weight of the reduction of income arising from abnormal unemployment falls upon the amount available for redemption.

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