HC Deb 17 March 1931 vol 249 cc1865-6

(by Private Notice) asked the Prime Minister whether he is now able to state the names and terms of reference of the Economy Committee proposed in the Resolution which was passed by the House on 11th February, 1931?

The PRIME MINISTER (Mr. Ramsay MacDonald)

Following the Resolution passed by the House on 11th February in favour of the appointment of an independent committee to make recommendations for effecting reductions in national expenditure, the Government have been in consultation with Leaders of the other two parties, and with their concurrence they have decided to set up a committee consisting of a chairman and six members, two being suggested by each party, with the following terms of reference: To make recommendations to the Chancellor of the Exchequer for effecting forthwith all possible reductions in the National Expenditure on Supply Services, having regard especially to the present and prospective position of the Revenue. In so far

as questions of policy are involved in the expenditure under discussion, these will remain for the exclusive consideration of the Cabinet; but it will be open to the Committee to review the expenditure and to indicate the economies which might be effected if particular policies were either adopted, abandoned or modified."

The committee will be constituted as follows:

Sir George May (Chairman), Mr. P. Ashley Cooper, Sir Mark Webster Jenkinson, Mr. Charles Latham, Lord Plender, Mr. Arthur Pugh and Sir Thomas Royden.


May I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether, as I rather gather, the terms of reference are practically the same as those of the Geddes Committee some years ago?


That is so.