HC Deb 17 March 1931 vol 249 cc1834-5

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland from what date the restoration of the status contended for by the second-class clerks of the Department of the Registers and Records of Scotland in their memorials to him of 30th May and 22nd November, 1930, and at his interview with their representatives on 7th February last, will be granted?


I have given personal attention to the difficulties which have arisen, so far as the status of second-class clerks is concerned, from the decision of the Arbitration Court of 1923, and I have thought it desirable to ask Lord Fleming to call together again his committee on the work of the Department in order that a decision on the claims of the second-class clerks may be expedited.


If this decision is being linked up with the reorganisation proposals previously made by Lord Fleming, does the right hon. Gentleman not think that in the meantime, at least, the financial position of the members of this very important staff should be seen to; and can he not, for instance, take into consideration the benevolent saint whose day it is, and act more in his spirit in dealing with them?


I feel that my hon. Friend forgets that the existing scale of remuneration for second-class clerks was settled before the Civil Service arbitration Court in 1923, and it is not correct to say that the question of the conditions and the scale of remuneration are entirely distinct questions.


Will the right hon. Gentleman take the advice of the hon. Member and introduce Saint Patrick as much as possible into Scottish affairs?


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the so-called settlement of 1923 was not a settlement which was accepted by these men?

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