HC Deb 04 March 1931 vol 249 c391

asked the President of the Board

THE FOLLOWING TABLE shows the Quantities and Declared Values of Flax and Manufactures thereof imported into the United Kingdom during the year 1930 and registered as consigned from the Soviet Union (Russia).
Description. Unit of Quantity. Quantity. Declared Value.
Flax, dressed and undressed Ton. 1,557 94,107
Flax, tow or codilla Ton. 592 20,169
Flax line yarns Cwt. 92 720
Linen manufactures, including manufactures of linen mixed with other materials, if known as "linens":
Piece goods:
Plain, unbleached Sq. yd. 1,509,067 61,149
Plain, bleached Sq. yd. 7,520 275
Checked, printed or dyed Sq. yd. 890 89
Sailcloth or canvas Sq. yd. 5,068 254
Damask table linen, not in the piece Recorded by value only. 7,027
Lace and embroidery 3,333
Linen manufactures, not elsewhere specified in Import List. 283
NOTE.—The above figures are provisional.