HC Deb 15 June 1931 vol 253 cc1434-5

asked the Prime Minister if he has information that the German Government propose to ask for a suspension of War debt payments?


The answer is in the negative.

73. Major GLYN

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the total sums paid as war debts by France, Italy, Rumania, Greece and Portugal since the Treaty of Versailles; and how much has been paid as reparations by Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Turkey?

Following is the reply:

WAR DEBT PAYMENTS, including payments due on 15th June, 1931.
(Taking £l=$4.86=20 gold marks=20 Reichsmarks=25 gold francs=124 French francs= 24 gold crowns=92 lire.)
—— To United Kingdom. To U.S.A. To France. To Italy. Total (in sterling).
£ £
France 43,600,000 $200,000,000 84,752,000
Italy 23,000,000 (net) $39,620,000 31,152,000
Rumania 875,000 $2,700,000 Gold francs Lire 1,791,000
=£556,000 5,939,000 11,250,000
=£238,000 =£122,000
Greece 1,175,000 $300,000 French francs 1,258,000
=£62,000 2,567,000
Portugal 1,550,000 1,550,000
REPARATION PAYMENTS, including payments due on 15th June, 1931.
Germany R.M. 20,526,000,000 = £1,026,300,000 (including the value of deliveries in kind and cessions of State Properties). For details see reply to the hon. and gallant Member for the Central Division of Hull on 16th December, 1930.
Austria Cash. Nil.
Deliveries in kind and Armistice Deliveries Gold Crowns 20,207,000 = £842,000.
Cessions of State Property Valuation not determined.
Bulgaria Cash Gold Francs 66,000,000=£2,640,000.
Armistice Deliveries and State Properties Valuation not determined.
Turkey No reparations payable under the Treaty of Lausanne.