HC Deb 09 June 1931 vol 253 cc805-6
47. Mr. O. LEWIS

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether land of which the freehold is owned by private individuals and which is subject in perpetuity to restrictions providing that no buildings shall be erected on it will have the privilege of exemption from the proposed land tax?

The CHANCELLOR of the EX-CHEQUER (Mr. Philip Snowden)

No, Sir. Such land would not be exempt from tax; but while I cannot of course speak with assurance in the absence of details of a particular case, it may be anticipated that the restrictions to which the hon. Member refers would normally be taken into account in arriving at land value.


Does that mean that land on which no building can be erected will be subject to the tax?


Unless I have full details of particular places I cannot give a definite reply that will be applicable generally.

49. Mr. HARRIS

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he will consider publishing a White Paper giving the method of taxing and rating land values in the Dominion of New Zealand as well as in the various States comprising the Commonwealth of Australia?


I have considered this suggestion. The information asked for by my hon. Friend could not be compiled before the discussions on the Finance Bill are concluded, and in these circumstances I doubt whether the labour involved in the compilation would be justified.


Could not this information be obtained from the various High Commissioners' offices and Agents-General without much delay?


As the hon. Member knows, a good deal of information on these matters can already be found in various publications. As I have said, it will take considerable time to put it into proper form, and I am quite sure it could not be done in time for the consideration of the Finance Bill.


Is it not the fact that the system of rating and taxation in these lands is entirely different from the proposals of the Government?


Not at all.

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