HC Deb 31 July 1931 vol 255 cc2630-1

asked the Secretary of State for India the names of the British civil, military, and police officials who have been the victims of assassination or attempted assassination in India since 17th December, 1928?

The SECRETARY of STATE for INDIA (Mr. Wedgwood Benn)

I am circulating a statement giving the information asked for.


Cannot the right hon. Gentleman give the list to the House now? There is plenty of time, and it is a very important question. We ought to know the names of officials who have been assassinated. It is at least due to their memories that we should know who they are.

Following is the statement:

Date. Place. Nature of Outrage.
18th & 19th April Chittagong Two Europeans murdered in raid by Bengal terrorist party on the Railway and Police Armouries.
20th May Multan Superintendent of Police slightly injured by bomb.
6th June Lyallpur Bomb thrown into compound of Chenab Club.
August Jhansi Attempted attack on Commissioner. A man with a bomb and pistol in his possession was arrested in the Commissioner's bungalow.
25th August Calcutta Bombs thrown at Sir C. Tegart, Commissioner of Police.
28th August Dacca Murder of Mr. F. I. Lowman, Inspector General of Police, Bengal, and serious wounding of Mr. E. Hodson, Superintendent of Police.
15th October Lahore Attempt on life of Mr. Smyth, Inspector of Police.
16th October Bombay Shots fired at Sergeant Taylor and his wife when about to enter Lamington Road Police Station about midnight. Both slightly wounded.
28th October Burma Attempt to wreck mail train carrying important members of Burma Government.
29th October Calcutta Bomb exploded in house of European Assistant Commissioner of Police in South Calcutta.
4th December Hyderabad Bomb thrown into compound of Superintendent of Police.
8th December Calcutta Murder of Lieutenant-Colonel N. S. Simpson, I.M.S., and wounding of Mr. J. W. Nelson, I.C.S., in Writers' Buildings.
9th December Lahore Captain P. W. J. McClenaghan shot dead on parade.
23rd December Lahore Sir G. de Montmorency, Governor of the Punjab shot at and wounded when leaving Convocation of Lahore University.
24th December Weywa, Burma Murder of Mr. H. V. W. Fields-Clarke, Forest Engineer.
18th February Charsadda Attempted assassination of Captain H. A. Barnes, Assistant Commissioner.
17th March Krishnagar Bomb thrown into residence of Superintenent of Police.
5th & 6th April Charsadda Further attempt on life of Captain B. A. Barnes.
7th April Midnapore Shooting of Mr. J. Peddie, District Magistrate. He died the next day.
23nd May Cawnpore Crude letter bomb made of inflammable powder and crushed glass sent to Superintendent of Police.
22nd July Poona Attempted shooting of Sir E. Hotson, Acting Governor of Bombay, while visiting Fergusson College.
23rd July Central Provinces Wounding of Lieutenant Hext and Lieutenant Sheehan in Punjab up mail. Lieutenant Hext died subsequently.
27th July Alipur Murder of Mr. R. R. Garlick, I.C.S., District and Sessions Judge.
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