HC Deb 29 July 1931 vol 255 c2279
49. Mr. MARCUS

asked the Minister of Health if he will take an early opportunity of amending the Widows', Orphans', and Old Age Contributory Pensions Act, 1929, so as to include those widows whose husbands died prior to the year 1924 and who are now deprived of pensions in the event of their youngest child attaining the age of 16?


The Contributory Pensions Act, 1929, provides pensions at the age of 55 for widows of men who died before 4th January, 1926. A widow who is in receipt of a pension under the Contributory Pensions Act, 1925, so long as she has a child under the age of 16 continues to draw her pension without interruption if she is 55 when the youngest child attains 16; if she is then under 55 pension again becomes payable to her when she reaches that age. My right hon. Friend is afraid that it is not possible to provide in the latter case for payment of pension without interruption after the youngest child attains 16.