HC Deb 23 July 1931 vol 255 cc1675-6

The following question stood upon the Order Paper in the name of Captain WATERHOUSE:

67. To ask the Minister of Health the estimated cost of buildings for which plans were approved in those towns from which returns are received in the second quarters of 1928, 1929, 1930 and 1931?


On a point of Order. I received a notice just before I came to the House, asking me to transfer this question to the Minister of Labour. As far as I am aware, the Minister of Labour has nothing whatever to do with buildings, and I am rather at a loss to know why that request was made.


I have been asked to reply. The figures required are approximately as follow, for the second quarter of each year:

1928 17,200,000
1929 22,100,000
1930 20,200,000
1931 16,900,000


Does the right hon. Lady think that those figures are satisfactory from the point of view of a right hon. Friend who does not like to answer the question himself.


May I ask if the Minister of Labour is answering on behalf of the Unemployment Grants Committee, in view of the innuendo of the hon. and gallant Member?


The question has been transferred to me, because the collection of statistics falls to my Department.


It seems to me that the right hon. Lady's last remark does raise a point of considerable importance. Surely we have the right to put down questions to the Minister who is responsible, not merely to the Minister who collects the statistics.


The hon. and gallant Member has had his answer.