HC Deb 21 July 1931 vol 255 cc1225-6
20. Major GLYN

asked the President of the Board of Trade the average value of ready-made suits of clothes, part woollen, imported from Poland?


During the first six months of 1931 the total declared value of men's and boys' suits, coats, vests and trousers of wool or wool mixed with other materials imported into the United Kingdom and registered as consigned from Poland (including Dantzig) was £25,677. I have no information as to the average value of these imports.

21. Major GLYN

asked the President of the Board of Trade the value of imported ready-made clothing into the United Kingdom during the past 12 months and the countries of manufacture?


I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a statement showing the imports during 1930. Similar particulars for a more recent period of 12 months are not available.


Can the right hon. Gentleman say if there has been an increase?


There has been an increase within very recent times.

Following is the statement:

The following table shows the total declared value of outer garments (not hosiery) imported into the United Kingdom during the year 1930, distinguishing the principal countries whence con-signed:—

Description and countries whence consigned and Declared Value.
Apparel (not of fur):
Outer Garments (not hosiery):
Overcoats, mackintoshes, oil skins and the like 73,087
Leather clothing 23,034
Men's and boys' (suits, coats, vests, trousers, excluding overcoats) 87,104
Women's and girls' garments of woven fabrics (Costumes, dresses, etc.) 3,300,368
Other Outer garments (aprons, overalls, etc.) 929,661
Total 4,413,254
Of which consigned from: £
Germany 1,419,191
France 1,275,747
Belgium 455,649
Austria 447,977
Switzerland 241,910
United States of America 187,232
Japan 124,745
Czechoslovakia 65,797
Netherlands 54,886
Italy 52,985
British India 14,977
Canada 12,370
Poland (including Dantzig) 10,777
Other countries 49,011