HC Deb 26 February 1931 vol 248 cc2270-1
56. Mr. WHITE

asked the Minister of Health whether he is making any arrangement to insure the efficacy of the pasteurisation methods used for the milk supply of the country, with a view to reducing the number of cases of paratyphoid fever?


I am advised that the paratyphoid organism is easily destroyed by heat and that any of the methods of treatment by heat in general use, if carried out with proper care, is effective in destroying this organism. Milk is not allowed to be sold as "pasteurised" unless it has been treated by the method prescribed by my Department, and as this method is now being used to an increasing extent, I do not think it is necessary for me to take any special steps to encourage its adoption.

67. Colonel HOWARD - BURY

asked the Minister of Health whether the origin of the outbreak of typhoid in Essex has been discovered; how many cases have occurred; how many have proved fatal; and what steps are being taken to prevent a further outbreak?


The inquiries made by a medical officer of my Department, in conjunction with the local medical officers of health, appear to have shown that the origin of this outbreak of paratyphoid was one of the employés at a dairy farm who, unknown to himself, was suffering from the disease. 256 cases, including secondary cases, have occurred up to the present and there have been seven deaths. The preventive measures which were taken included the removal to hospital of the man considered to have been the source of infection, the cleansing and disinfection of the premises, milk utensils, etc., and the employment of a fresh staff of workers at the farm.