HC Deb 12 February 1931 vol 248 cc578-9
66. Mr. FOOT

asked the President of the Board of Education if he will publish a list of condemned or black-listed schools, showing in each case the date when the school was condemned or blacklisted by the Board of Education?


I am circulating in the OFFICIAL REPORT a table showing the numbers of schools in the various divisions of the Board's "black list"; but, as every local authority has been furnished with a list of the schools in its own area, I do not think that there is any occasion for publishing a list for the country as a whole.


Will my right hon. Friend consider the possibility of revising his answer and see that this information is available to hon. Members?


Can my right hon. Friend say how many schools there are in each county?

Council Schools. Voluntary Schools. Total.
A. B. C. Total. A. B. C. Total. A. B. C. Total.
1. Original totals 219 345 150 714 460 1,421 232 2,113 679 1,766 382 2,827
2. Removed from List:
(a) Closed or replaced 97 23 1 121 119 47 4 170 216 70 5 291
(b) Defects removed 19 118 48 185 105 520 67 692 124 638 115 877
(c) Total 116 141 49 306 224 567 71 862 340 708 120 1,168
3. Schools remaining on the list on 31st December, 1930.* 119 262 110 491 209 807 152 1,168 328 1,069 262 1,659
NOTES.—The "black lists" were drawn up in the years 1925 and 1926.
Division A includes schools the premises of which appear to be unsuitable for continued recognition and incapable of improvement.
Division B includes schools which, upon the information before the Board, ought not to continue to be recognised in their present condition—at all events for their present numbers—but which might possibly be made suitable either for the same or for reduced numbers, but only by means of large expenditure.
Division C includes schools which, although in the opinion of the Board unsuitable for their present recognised accommodation, may not be unsuitable for much lower numbers.
* These figures (other than the grand total) do not agree exactly with the difference between 1 and 2(c), owing to (i) the original category having been changed in a few cases, and (ii) some Voluntary Schools having been transferred to the L.E.A.