HC Deb 12 February 1931 vol 248 c566
13. Mr. MORLEY

asked the Minister of Labour what records employers in. the bespoke tailoring trade, who pay by the log or garment piece-rates, keep to prove to the Inspectorate Department that such piece-rates are equivalent to the trade board minimum rates?


A notice, of which I am sending my hon. Friend a copy, has lately been issued to all employers in this trade, setting out the records required in various circumstances.

14. Mr. MORLEY

asked the Minister of Labour why under the Retail Bespoke Tailoring Board the national time statement is the same throughout the country, yet the log rates vary in B areas where the bulk of the work is done from 9d. to 10¼d. to produce approximately the same piece rate with a time equation of from 32 minutes 43 seconds to 37 minutes 16 seconds?


The rates, to which my hon. Friend refers, are those fixed by the trade board on the advice of its district committees, of which there are 14. These committees classified the towns in their districts in the light of local circumstances and recommended the rates to be fixed for each.