HC Deb 02 February 1931 vol 247 c1439

asked the Attorney-General what is the number of magistrates, excluding borough magistrates, in proportion to the population in the county of Denbigh; what is the average proportion for the counties of England and Wales without specifying the names of the counties; and whether, in recommending further appointments to the county magistracy in any county, any consideration is given to any desirable quota per population?

The SOLICITOR - GENERAL (Sir Stafford Cripps)

I am informed that it is not possible, without making exhaustive inquiries, to give the information for which the hon. Member asks. The Lord Chancellor gives very careful consideration to the needs of every district for which new magistrates are recommended.


Will the hon. and learned Gentleman take into consideration the question of magistrates who are not resident permanently in counties in England and Wales but who are still on the rota? On account of that fact, other magistrates are precluded from being appointed to the bench.


That is one of the matters to which, I am informed, the Lord Chancellor gives very careful consideration.