HC Deb 02 December 1931 vol 260 cc1081-3

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury why, of the four established grades in the Customs and Excise Department serving in

Following is the answer:

As regards the first and second parts of the question, the following table gives the information required:

with that of the rest, of the Civil Service, was reorganised in 1920 and a different nomenclature adapted. The Administrative class now consist of assistant principals, principals, assistant secretaries and above, as compared with Higher Division clerks, assistant principals, principals and above before 1920.

The numbers and cost of the several grades compare as follows:

every respect, except in regard to salary, under the same conditions of service, the clerical officer grade alone is to have applied to it the 10 per cent. cut known as provincial differentiation when serving outside London?


I think my hon. Friend must be under some misapprehension. The conditions of service and salary scales of the Departmental Clerical Class in the Customs and Excise, including percentage differentiations of five and ten, according to locality, when serving in the provinces, were fixed in 1921, and there has been no alteration in the arrangements since that date.


The fact that it was fixed in 1919 does not mean that it was justified.