HC Deb 17 April 1931 vol 251 cc497-560

As amended (in the Standing Committee) considered.


On a point of Order. Would it be possible, Mr. Speaker, for you to indicate to the House the Amendments that you propose to take to-day in connection with this Bill, so that we may be able to help matters along, as we shall then know better where we are?


I propose to call the first Amendment, and, after that, I will indicate what further Amendments I propose to call.

  1. CLAUSE 2.—(Interpretation.) 3,219 words, 1 division
  2. cc505-7
  3. CLAUSE 3.—(Council to set up and maintain a Register of Architects.) 674 words
  4. c507
  5. CLAUSE 4.—(Appointment of officers.) 45 words
  6. cc507-17
  7. CLAUSE 5.—(Persons entitled to be registered without examination.) 3,541 words
  8. c517
  9. CLAUSE 6.—(Confirmation of decisions of Admission Committee.) 35 words
  10. cc517-45
  11. CLAUSE 7.—(Council to prescribe future qualifications for registration.) 11,336 words, 1 division
  12. c545
  13. CLAUSE 8.—(Removal of name from Register.) 56 words
  14. cc545-8
  15. CLAUSE 15.—(Power to make regulations). 715 words
  16. c548
  17. CLAUSE 19.—(Saving for other bodies.) 23 words
  18. c548
  19. CLAUSE 20.—(Application of Act to Scotland.) 16 words
  20. cc548-55
  21. FIRST SCHEDULE.—(Constitution of the Council.) 2,701 words, 1 division
  22. c555
  23. SECOND SCHEDULE.—(Constitution of the Education Board.) 20 words
  24. cc555-60
  25. THIRD SCHEDULE.—(Constitution of the Admission Committee.) 1,960 words