HC Deb 16 April 1931 vol 251 c356

Mr. William Nicholson further reported from the Committee; That they had nominated the following Members to serve on Standing Committee D: Sir John Sandeman Allen, Mr. Batey, Captain Briscoe, Mr. Broad, Mr. Charles Brown, Colonel Burton, Major Carver, Earl Castle Stewart, Sir Charles Cayzer, Mr. Christie, Mr. Cluse, Sir Cyril Cobb, Brigadier-General Sir George Cockerill, Mr. Colman, Sir Bertram Falle, Major Glyn, Mr. Granville, Mr. Grundy, Major Harvey, Mr. Hicks, Mr. George Hirst, Mr. Hurd, Mr. Mander, Mr. March, Mr. Marcus, Mr. Meller, Mr. Muff, Mr. Philip Oliver, Mr. Frank Owen. Miss Picton-Turbervill, Sir Philip Pilditch, Miss Rathbone, Mr. Ritson, Mr. Sawyer, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Sorensen, Mr. Stamford, Mr. Luke Thompson, Dr. John Williams, and Mr. James Wilson.

Reports to lie upon the Table.

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