HC Deb 25 November 1930 vol 245 c1088

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if the Treasury is satisfied that adequate funds, as and when required, will be made available in the United Kingdom by the Australian Government to meet any sums that may become payable to trustee stockholders in this country?


If the right hon. Gentleman will refer to the copy of the conditions prescribed by the Treasury under the Colonial Stock Act, which I sent him on the 20th November, he will see that the requirement referred to in his question governs the original addition of a stock to the list. This point apart, it would be improper for me to express, and I must not be taken as expressing, any opinion on a matter which is exclusively one between a Dominion Government and its bondholders. All the same, unless there is evidence to the contrary, I shall believe that every Government in the Empire will always do whatever is necessary to meet its obligation.

68. Mr. A. M.SAMUEL

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether the Imperial Conference discussed the desirability of the continuance, or amendment, or abolition of the system by which trustee stocks are admitted to the Treasury list of trustee securities under the Colonial Stock Act, 1900; and whether any decision was arrived at?


The Imperial Conference resolved to approve the Report of the Conference on the Operation of Dominion Legislation held in 1929 (Command Paper 3479), which included in paragraph 24 a reference to the Colonial Stock Act, 1900.