HC Deb 25 November 1930 vol 245 c1063
13. Mr. HARDIE

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he will invite the various chambers of commerce in the textile districts to confer with him for the purpose of fixing standards for the trade descriptions, fadeless, fast colour, unshrinkable, rainproof, wool and cotton union, and silk reinforced by rayon, so as to prevent fraud upon the public arising from the wide variation in qualities described lay the foregoing terms?


A good deal of work on these important though difficult matters is already being done by various representative bodies, such as the Textile Institute, and I think this is a better method of approaching the problem.


Seeing that the dyestuffs trade received protection for development after the War, and since they have bad all that time, does not the right hon. Gentleman think that it is grossly unfair that we should be subject

The following table shows the total quantity and declared value of the exports of arms of domestic manufacture registered during the twelve months ended 31st October, 1930, as consigned to the Soviet Union (Russia).
Description Unit of quantity. Quantity. Declared value.
Arms: £
Ordnance: Automatic machine and quick firing guns and parts thereof. No. 1 623
Cwt. 1
Gun mountings and carriages and parts thereof. No. 5 444
Cwt. 1
Small arms: Sporting guns No. 2 222
No ammunition was registered as exported to the Union during this period.