HC Deb 13 November 1930 vol 244 cc1826-8
13. Commander SOUTHBY

asked the Minister of Labour whether she has made inquiry into the case of Mr. W. Casey, residing at 26, Parkhurst, Epsom, and signing at the Epsom Labour Exchange; whether she is aware that this man claimed benefit on the 12th June, 1930, and, being disallowed, claimed a rehearing; that the case was re-heard, the decision being favourable; and that benefit has not been paid to this man on the grounds that the case was not reheard?


I have already written to the hon. and gallant Member regarding the case, but, if there is any point still in doubt, I will gladly talk the matter over with him.

23. Mr. EGAN

asked the Minister of Labour if she will consider legislation to alleviate the hardship entailed by the stoppage of dependants' benefit when the insured person reaches the age of 65?


I regret I am not in a position to make any statement at present.


May we take it that the right hoe. Lady will reconsider the question later.


I am afraid the hon. Member must not make any such deduction.


asked the Minister of Labour if she is aware of the inconvenience caused to over 2,000 of the unemployed signing at the Cardiff Central Employment Exchange by reason of the recent alteration of the insurance week and the consequent reduction of unemployment benefits by one day's benefit in the calendar week in which the change occurred; and whether, having regard to the hardship which such reduction inflicts on those who have to depend on their unemployment benefit over a long period, she will take other steps to relieve congestion at the Employment Exchanges and so avoid such hardship?


The second pay day was necessary to prevent long queues of waiting claimants and delay in payment and was instituted only when other means of relieving congestion were found to be insufficient. All the claimants affected were given notice of the impending change and, as I stated on Tuesday last, I am arranging that whenever possible a fortnight's notice shall be given in any future case.

Viscountess ASTOR

Is not the right hon. Lady grateful to us for not exploiting this as a party question?


Having regard to the fact that the working-class budget weekly, and that this method of suddenly depriving them of a day's pay inflicts such hardship, could not she engage extra clerical assistance at the Exchanges so as to avoid this hardship?


No. In the first instance I must contradict the statement that it is depriving them of a day's pay. It is moving the pay day a day earlier in the week. That is all it is. In regard to notice, I am, as I have already explained, arranging to give a fortnight wherever possible.