HC Deb 06 November 1930 vol 244 cc1046-8

Will the Prime Minister tell us the business for next week?


On Monday, Cunard (Insurance) Agreement, Money Resolution, Committee; Small Landholders (Scotland) Bill, Second Reading.

Tuesday: Education (School Attendance) Money Resolution, Committee; and Cunard (insurance) Agreement, Money Resolution, Report.

Wednesday is a private Members' day.

Thursday: Agricultural Land (Utilisation) Bill, Second Reading; and Report stage Education, Money Resolution.

Friday is a private Members' day.

On any day, should time permit, other Orders may be taken.


With regard to Thursday's business, I only wish to enter a caveat at this moment. If the Bill should contain a great deal of matter that requires investigation, I suggest that it might be desirable for the House to have more than one day for its discussion. I cannot say definitely as to that until I have seen the Bill, but I hope the right hon. Gentleman will not close his mind to the possibility of that, because there are a great many Members on our side of the House who have a good deal of intimate knowledge of and a deep interest in agriculture.


When are we likely to get the Scottish Landholders' Bill? The right hon. Gentleman said it was to be taken on Monday, but we have not yet got it.


I am rather surprised. I may have been misinformed, but I understand the Small Landholders' (Scotland) Bill is in the Office. With reference to Thursday, I am very anxious to get on with business, but certainly, if there is a reasonable case for a half day more, I shall be very glad to give it, but I would remind the House that the Money Resolution will give an opportunity of discussion.


The right hon. Gentleman will not forget the urgent necessity of proceeding with the Trade Disputes Bill as early as possible?


Will an opportunity be given to elucidate the White Paper on Palestine?


That does not arise in the ordinary way of questions. I have had no notice of it.

Lieut.-Colonel FREMANTLE

May I draw your attention, Sir, to the fact that, out of 34 questions to the Minister of Health, we have reached only six and that this takes place every Thursday throughout each Session. May I suggest that, instead of having 40 to the Ministry of Labour at the beginning, then the Home Office, then Education, and then the Minister of Health, which is generally crowded out, we should start the scheme adopted on Tuesdays in the last Session and have a rotation of crops so that each one win have its turn to come first on Thursday and on Tuesday.


I will consider whether there is anything in what the hon. and gallant Member says.

The following Notice of Motion appeared upon the Order Paper in the name of the PRIME MINISTER.

"That the Proceedings on the Education (School Attendance) Bill have precedence this day of Business of Supply."


The Motion in the Prime Minister's name is not necessary, as the Standing Order only comes into force when Estimates have been presented.