HC Deb 31 March 1930 vol 237 cc873-4
20. Captain MACDONALD

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether the negotiations have been opened on the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty; and, if so, who is conducting them on behalf of the British Government?


Yes, Sir. I am conducting the negotiations myself, in conjunction with the Secretary of State for War, the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, and the Secretary of State for Air.


Is there anyone on this Committee who has special knowledge of Egyptian affairs?


I do not know what the hon. Member means by special knowledge. I have already intimated to the House that the High Commissioner, who has some little knowledge of Egyptian affairs, is present to assist and advise.

11. Captain P. MACDONALD

(for Captain CROOKSHANK) asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he has received from the Egyptian Government a list of their delegates who are coming to London to negotiate a treaty; and, if not, whether he will take steps to secure their names for the information of this House?


The names of the Egyptian delegates are: Mustafa-el-Nahas Pasha, Prime Minister; Wassif Boutros iGhali Pasha, Minister for Foreign Affairs; Osman Moharrem Pasha, Minister of Public Works; William Makram Ebeid Effendi, Minister of Finance.


In view of the avowed anti-British sentiments of at least one of these delegates, will the Foreign Secretary take steps to ensure that British interests are not sacrificed?


I think that that is a very improper question.

Lieut. - Commander KENWORTHY

British hospitality, I suppose!