HC Deb 26 March 1930 vol 237 c417
42. Mr. ALPASS

asked the Minister of Transport the prices charged to consumers for electricity in the counties of Somerset and Gloucester, and the city of Bristol, respectively?


As the answer is somewhat long and contains a number of figures, I will, with my bon. Friend's permission, circulate it with the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the answer:

The latest particulars I have as regards the prices charged for electricity in the city of Bristol are:

Per unit.
For lighting only 5d.
For heating and cooking only ld.

For combined domestic supplies:

A tariff with a fixed charge based on rateable value plus ld. per unit.

For power l½d.
or a maximum demand rate of l½d. up to a certain consumption per quarter, plus ¾d. per unit for additional units.

The charges for lighting and power are subject to a scale of discount according to consumption. In addition to the Corporation of Bristol, there are 28 other undertakers in the counties of Somerset and Gloucester, and if my hon. Friend will let me know the places in which he is more particularly interested, I will endeavour to supply him with any further information he may desire.