HC Deb 31 July 1930 vol 242 cc700-1

asked the Minister of Pensions whether he is aware that a considerable number of ex-service men are unable to qualify for pension on the grounds of their not having any disease directly attributable to War service, but whose War service has undermined their constitutions and made them susceptible to incapacitating diseases; and will he set up a committee of inquiry prepara- tory to the initiation of legislative changes in the interests of these men and their dependants?


The Imperial Pensions system has always recognised cases in which, while there is no disabality directly attributable to War service, the man is nevertheless suffering from a condition in which service can be shown to be the determining factor. My right hon. Friend has no evidence that further inquiry on the lines suggested is called for.


Is not the fact that so many complaints have been made in this House evidence of the discontent that there is in this connection, and will my hon. Friend convey to the Minister of Pensions the need for some action in the matter?


My hon. Friend's remarks will be conveyed to the Minister of Pensions.


How does my hon. Friend account for the fact that in a particular case, where a medical officer has said for many years that the individual concerned is suffering from the effects of the War, no pension is available?


My right hon. Friend will, of course, take into account what the hon. Member has said.